A Mother Plucker Fridge

A Mother Plucker Fridge

What’s in My Fridge?

➡️ Kerrygold Butter. This is a must have for me. On my gluten free toast, popcorn, sweet potatoes, asparagus… I can’t get enough of it. If you haven’t tried it, pick some up on your next grocery run. It’s worth it!

➡️ Lots of tupperware. We meal prep every Sunday. I typically have breakfasts, roasted veggies, lunches and pre-made dinners in the fridge.

➡️ Grapes and other fresh fruit. While I’m not a huge fan of fruit other than bananas, my family really likes it. We always have apples and grapes on hand for easy snacking.

➡️ Zevia Energy Drinks and Zevia pop. I’m addicted. My kids get Zevia pop not regular pop. It’s goooood 😋 And it doesn’t give you that icky artificial sweetener hangover that you get from pop.

➡️ Eggs. While I don’t keep my eggs in the fridge since we have free range chickens, I always have eggs on hand. I eat anywhere from 3-5 eggs per day 🐔

➡️ Lots of Meat. Shocker, we eat a lot of meat. I like to have beef, pork and chicken on hand for meals throughout the week.

➡️ Schedule. Last but not least, I hang a list of our dinners for the week on the outside of the fridge. We are constantly asking “what’s for dinner tonight?” I bought some nifty little stickers to help me remember exactly what I prepped or need to prep!

That’s it! That’s my fridge. Now go buy some Kerrygold Butter!!

~ Mother Plucker

Workout of the Day
The Ansane Finisher
2-Rounds for Time:
800 Run
50 Goblet Squats
50 Slamball Situp (behind the head)
50 KB Swings
800 Row