A Personal Hero Workout @ CPMFITness …

A Personal Hero Workout @ CPMFITness …

(Written by our very own, Steve Chamles aka. Gus)

Captain Warren A. Frank, USMC was killed in action on 25 November 2008 in Ninewa Province, Iraq at age 26 while serving with 5th Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company. Raised in Cincinnati, OH, 2004 graduate of the Citadel, he is survived by his widow Allison, daughters Sophia Lynn & Isabella Grace, sister Sara, and parents Warren and Rebecca.

Warren and I joined the same unit in the summer of 2005 and served together there until early 2008. I got to know him both professionally and personally – trained with him, partied with him, spent months on Navy ships with him, many nights smoking cigars with him, and walked the streets of Iraq with him. Warren was known for his un-matched dedication to the Marines he led. He praised his men in public, reprimanded in private, gave his men all the credit and took the blame upon himself. He gave his men the benefit of the doubt and would readily risk his reputation advocating for them.

In early 2008, Warren transferred to a new unit in Okinawa, Japan. He deployed with that unit later in the year, leading a team of Marines embedded with a U.S. Army unit for several months. While participating in a food-distribution humanitarian mission with soldiers from the U.S. and Iraqi Armies, one of the Iraqi Army soldiers turned on Warren’s unit and engaged them with AK-47 fire, killing both Warren and U.S. Army Master Sergeant Anthony Davis and wounding several others. The man fled and escaped back to his hometown but was soon turned over to Iraqi authorities by members of his own tribe.

Warren is missed by many, and will be for the rest of our lives. Every year around this time, we who were fortunate enough to know him take the time to sweat in his memory.

The O-Board Says…

Hero WOD: “War Frank”
*To be done in this Saturday’s Workout*

Three rounds for time of:
25 Muscle-ups (50 Pullups + 50 Pushups)
100 Squats
35 GHD situps (75 2 count ab mat situps)

Posted By: Gus AKA Steve