A Wonderful Yoga Weekend ….

This past weekend I attended a yoga teacher training in Chicago. They had 6 of the top trainers in the US come and teach us different types of yoga, sequencing, movement, Acro, Kirtan, etc …

I went into this not really knowing what to expect but just wanting to learn, grow, get outside my box and see new types of yoga for my practice and for my students.

I went by myself with open arms trying to embrace everything I could to really grow from this experience. I have only myself been practicing yoga for 4 years and wanted to up my game from the best of the best.

I had originally intended to bring this back for my students, teachers, and teachers in training but I had no Idea that it would transform my life in such a way that it did!

Not only did I get to work with and take from some AMAZING people, I challenged my mind, my body, and my soul to really help me grow and expand far beyond my expectation.

Yoga is such a wonderful gift for all of us to use. We can use it for healing, rehab, mind consciousness, workout, fun, etc … you can do yoga anywhere and anytime and you always feel great afterwards!

I learned two great lessons from this weekend,

Lesson #1:  this is “your practice” (i.e. your life) do not let anyone or anything around make you feel that you can’t accomplish all that you are capable of doing. Your mind has so much more power than we can comprehend and the more we tap in to it the more we can uncover!

Lesson #2: We are not born to take we are born to give. When we focus on giving to those around us we now can not be focused on our insecurities, inability, or what we are NOT” doing. We are now focused on giving our gifts, talents, and knowledge to those around us and it very freeing and enlightening. We all have such gifts to give we just have to let them lead and not let the “noise”around us block us from our greatness.

The most fun part of yoga is there is no “perfect” you are what you are for that day and you are better for doing it! There is always something to challenge you whether it be with the mind, with the heart, or with the body. That is the grace of yoga, you can always get some thing from it!

I went into this thinking I wanted to just help my athletes feel better in class and I came out of it with a whole new world I have opened up to!

I can’t wait to share in it with all of you!

The O-Board Says…

A.Back Squat every 90 sec

B. 5 rounds for calories and reps of:

1:00 Row for calories
:30 C2B Pull-ups
:30 Handstand Hold

Posted by: Annie