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What we do

Our motto at CPM Fitness is “more than a gym.” And, while you will see us use that as a hashtag, it is so much more than that. CPMFITness is a Fitness Clinic where Professional Coaches guide our Members towards their long-term health and fitness goals. We are here to help you at any point on your fitness journey. From former athletes to someone working out for the first time, we are here to teach, guide and modify when necessary, every step of the way. We would love to have you join us and see for yourself what it truly means to be a part of something that is so much more than a gym.

Why choose us?

Health is about so much more than losing weight

Living a healthy lifestyle while surrounded by temptation can be hard. Our Coaches want to empower you with tools that arm you for any situation life throws at you. With fast-paced workouts, team support and nutrition counseling, we help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Change the way your body moves

We take “Functional FITness seriously as we believe it is the very best way to “Function” better in everyday life. Add in some yoga for improved flexibility and you will find that you carry yourself differently in no time.

Be a part of the community

Our coaches are here to help educate, motivate and hold you accountable. In addition to that support, you will be surrounded by a community of individuals that are all a part of your fitness journey.

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Are you ready to challenge yourself, take your fitness goals to the next level, and finally start to see some results?

Our Philosophy

CPMFitness is based on three pillars: Courage, Potential and Motivation. We will help you find the courage to do what you don’t think you can, the potential to lessen the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and the motivation to make it all happen.

What they say about us!

  • “I am not an athlete, never have been. So it was tough to get used to the intense workouts at CPM, but the coaches made it easier with their knowledge, instruction and encouragement.”

  • “Great people that just know, live and believe in making others great.”

  • “Great atmosphere that is conducive to helping one meet their fitness goals. Truly, all one needs to do is consistently show up to class ready to work, and the pounds start coming off.”

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