Barbara Micek


Briefly tell us about your fitness/athletic background:

I have been playing softball since I was very young. Continued to play softball throughout high-school and college and still play on two leagues… but of the slowpitch type now. I also ran track throughout high-school and a little in college (and still hold my high-school triple jump record… who says triple jump is for tall girls)

When did you first start training at CPMFITness? May-ish, 2014

How did you first get exposed to CPMFITness? Take us back to your first workout…What was it? And how did it feel?

Actually I was just thinking about this… A friend told me about this gym his co-worker goes to (which I just realized the co-worker is Nick Leisinger) and thought I’d enjoy it! Tried it out… on a Saturday of all days. I thought it was easy because I thought it was a joke that I was supposed to do 50 thrusters (“Who can do 50 thrusters?!” I thought) and probably on did 15 🙂

What sort of changes have you seen in your life (health/Fitness or otherwise) since starting CPMFITness (before/now)?:

My workouts don’t feel like workouts anymore. They are a fun part of my daily routine!

Tell us about your coaching style. What is your secret weapon?

My secret weapon is little tricks or tips that I come up with… for example when doing a split jerk, it can be hard to remember if you bring your front foot or your back foot in first. Well, remember FFF! Front Foot First. Cute, huh?!

Please share with us any favorite CPM moments: Anytime I improve on a PR… hitting that 265 DL is the one that stands out. I’ll hit 300 one of these days 😉

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