Christin Luke


I have never been what I would consider fit or athletic.  I wasn’t in sports in High School and up until joining CPM almost four years ago my greatest FITness accomplishment was being able to speed walk a 12 minute mile.  I learned about CrossFit and CPMFITness from Nicole Zacher.  Back then I was doing Pilates 2-3 times a week and dabbling with P90x and other home workout DVDs. I wasn’t always consistent with my programming and that was evident in my results.  Since joining CPM I’ve seen consistent results and have improved my overall strength, mobility and flexibility.  I now have a strong network of support from the coaches and other members.  I’ve learned more about the importance of the type of foods I eat and ill effects of processed food.  I now know that sugar can be found in almost everything.  I no longer drink soda and no longer crave Doritos when dealing with stressful situations.  My emotional eating is more controlled than ever before.

I’ve been a certified Yoga instructor with CPMFITness since March 2016.  Typically I fill in as a substitute instructor.  You can usually find me participating in one or two of the evening yoga classes at 2.0 every week in addition to my other CPM workouts.  My yoga style focuses on undoing the negative effects of prolonged sitting.  My ‘day job’ as a technology project manager is deskbound.  I’m at a desk on the phone and computer all day long.  During my classes I incorporate movements that help open the hips, low back and shoulders to help relieve the stiffness from too much sitting.  I’m a firm believer that yoga can improve the rest of your workouts because it can improve your flexibility and mobility.  Try it! You may just deepen your squat or improve your shoulder mobility for the push press and snatch.

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