Elizabeth Schulte

Elizabeth SchulteI’ve always prided myself on being a well-rounded individual. In my high school and college days I tried many different activities but never fully committed to any one in particular. I pursued organized sports as well as music and art. I was always active at the gym in college trying to repent my diet and lifestyle. It was the summer before my last year of college that I took a yoga class offered at my gym. I loved it! Something about the combination of yoga breathing, movement, and music all intertwined that made for an effective and rejuvenating experience. I continued to practice yoga and worked out in the gym until I found my self needing more structure and accountability.

I started working out with the Mellos back in 2009? The initial meeting with Chris to discuss my goals was very eye-opening and motivating. Crossfit was a very challenging addition to my life. It did not come naturally to me, but I loved the challenge and I truly believe if something doesn’t scare you or make you uncomfortable it isn’t worth your time. It was also during this time that I discovered the Paleo Diet. As a gym community, we took a 7-week Paleo challenge. This was game changing. Aside from feeling better and losing weight, I was able to stop taking heart burn medication (that I’d been on since I was 17) Whoa! The combination of these two things changed my approach to life forever.

Towards the end of 2013 the Mellos opened CPMFITness. It didn’t take long for Chris to steal my card out of my wallet and start my membership. It was good to be back. So good in fact that I wanted to play an even larger role at CPM. In 2014, I completed the Coaches Development Academy and the CPM Yoga Teacher Training and by the end of 2014 I started coaching my own classes. Few things have given me as much fulfillment as motivating someone to complete more reps than they thought they could or leading someone to hold their first crow pose.

Being a part of positive change in somebody’s life is the biggest privilege I have.

Everybody is on their own journey, I am grateful to be a part of it. Be grateful for where you are today and enjoy the journey.

Outside of coaching and my career as a web designer, I enjoy painting, photography, live music, traveling, and cooking. As well as, spending time with my fiance; you can usually find us on the bike trail or on the motorcycle.


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