Jordan Goeman


I’ve always had a passion for sports and as a kid, wanted to be involved in every activity imaginable. After high school, the passion continued but my time for those activities diminished, so I got involved in the globo gyms of the world where I learned a lot about running on treadmills. I’d sign up for annual 5k races and start running to get in shape about 2 weeks before the race began. It definately wasn’t much of a lifestyle. Fast forward to present day, I still have a passion for sports and enjoy trying new activities, but no longer have to worry about getting in shape 2 weeks prior to the race and haven’t stepped onto a treadmill in years.

I first started CPM after running into Chris at a business networking event in the summer of 2013 and knew him a little from prior gyms, but went in for my first workout shortly thereafter. After “thinking” I was in shape, I was absolutely hooked! The different style of workouts have definitely now become a lifestyle and will be exactly what will keep my fitness journey continuing well into the future!

I most enjoy meeting and working out with new members and helping them get their maximum potential in class. I love to push myself and others at CPM and always look forward to seeing new accomplishments on the O-board! Outside of coaching and my career, I enjoy, playing sports – especially golf and volleyball, live music, traveling, and trading derivatives.

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