Lisa Thruston

Lisa ThrustonIn the past I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with working out. I knew I had to do it but it wasn’t always fun for me. I have tried step classes, spin classes, personal trainers, and just about every other class you can think of. They all worked for a while but I still hadn’t found something I was passionate about. Then I found running. I have completed 1 marathon, 4 half marathons, and numerous 5k and 10k races. I loved that running for me was just about challenging myself to be better than I was in my last race, eventually I was only running sporadically and was looking for something else to change up my fitness routine.

In August of 2013 my sister started encouraging me to try the gym she was going to because she thought it might be something I would like. She knew Chris and Annie from their previous gym and knew it would be a great new experience for me. In January of 2014 I tried my first class which happened to be a yoga class with Annie and everything changed. I never realized I could get such a great workout from yoga! It took me a bit longer to get excited about the FIT classes but once I completed my first nutrition challenge and saw the results I got from cleaning up my diet and and challenging my workouts I knew I had found what I needed to make this my new lifestyle not just another diet and exercise program. Nine months after taking my first classes I was taking Annie’s Yoga Teacher Training course and in April of this year started the CDA coaches training.

I am committed to helping people find the fun in working out and I want people of all fitness levels to see that they too can enjoy working out.

The community at CPMFitness is not only supportive and friendly but challenges you to push yourself to be your best. When I am not busy working out I enjoy taking my dog Rocky for walks down by Falls Park, reading a good book, and I love cooking and trying new recipes out on my friends and family. I hope to see you at CPMFitness!

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