Act As If…

Visualize, think it, be it, get it

The key responsibility of leadership is to think about the future. No one else can do it for you. – Brian Tracy

I first heard this phrase years ago when I was watching one of my favorite movies, Boiler Room.

The senior broker in the movie was referring to when a new recruit was making cold calls. He was explaining that you could be whatever/whoever you wanted to be on the phone. At the time he was training Giovanni (the new recruit) with the goal of to get him comfortable on the phone and building confidence with his sales skills. When he “Acted As If”, he stopped worrying about what he wasn’t saying correctly and just began to say it correctly and started closing sales.

I took the phrase for what it was worth. Until recently it HIT ME!

You see, we are all in the position we are in because of how we have acted in the past and what our current thoughts are.

So if you continue to do and think the same as you are, then you will continue to get the same result.

And if you want to do better and get more outta life, you MUST begin to “Act As If”.

A true and recent example:

I was helping a member with her diet at CrossFit 818. We were going through a series of questions about what, how, and why she eats the way she eats. Her goal was to lose a significant amount of weight as soon as she can.

Working out and eating healthy is very black & white/a matter of fact/cause & effect.

*You move LARGE loads -> long distances -> faster = YOU get FITTER
*You eat the foods your body requires for fuel -> YOUR body uses it and doesn’t store it -> YOU get FITTER.
*The problem is our emotions add the color to our life and ‘can’ create obstacles in our way to make everything more difficult.

She went on to tell me that she knows how to eat right (yeah, but I think most of us know how to eat right). The problem is her relationship with food. She explained that she eats improperly because of how she feels. When she is unfulfilled, work sucks, $$ is tight, she is lonely, she used food as the ‘fix’ to fill the hole in her heart. When she is fulfilled and everything is bright and dandy, she does great!
She couldn’t figure out how to overcome how she feels currently (which is not good currently) to get her eating better and moving towards her goals. As we uncovered more options and ideas to help her get moving in the right direction, it HIT ME!

“Act As If”

Life is HARD! For some crazy reason we like to make it harder on ourselves. When things in our life get tough we can easily trap our thoughts into focusing on everything that is going wrong and not know how to snap out of it.

I asked her:
What will your life look like when YOU have hit your goals and are FIT and healthy?
What does each day look like for you?
How will you feel about yourself?
What will your thoughts be?
How will you act?
What will be inside your fridge?
What is your breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Bottom line is, where ever you WANT to be, you need to start acting like it…RIGHT NOW! Visualize when you are at your goal weight, goal income, accomplishing the things you dream of. Who will you be? And how will you think?

Start doing that now and you will start moving in that direction today. If you continue to focus on the things that are stopping from moving towards where you want to be…then you will do exactly that, NOT move forward.

When you start to focus on what life will look like, feel and be like when you hit your goals and dreams you will start to take the right steps towards getting there.

We all have the power to change things for ourselves and its going to take more than just what you WANT to do…It takes HOW you are acting/thinking about what you want, that is going to get your there.