Aim for Progress….Not Perfection

Aim for Progress….Not Perfection

The WLC is off to a great start. People are learning the importance of meal prep, how 10-minutes a day of simple stretching and/movement can feel amazing and finding some quiet time to unload our minds. All good stuff but is perfection sustainable

The purpose of the WLC is to nudge us in the right direction by showing us how to implement daily habits that can lead to a better life. One that is happy, healthy, active, energetic and connected. You will decide one by one which habit is right for you.

Perfection should never be the goal because the outcome will always be failure. Now don’t get me wrong, we can still set the bar high but we need to allow ourselves some grace in the process.

Your daily score is a tool for improvement, not a judgement.

I encourage you to strive to improve, learn and grow each day during the WLC. Keep an open mind, lean on your teammates for encouragement and put forth adequate effort daily to complete each habit. Focus on the positives, have fun with it and in the end you never know these healthy mindful choices may become a permanent part of your life 😉


Push Up Test Day!

Tabata Push Up
scale up – hold plank in between sets

10 Toes 2 Bar
20 Air Squats
30 KB Swings
40 Doubles

Posted by: Nicole