ALL IN Challenge Status Update

Monday was a great kick off to the challenge. We discussed the standards on how we will base our food during the length of the challenge.

Questions to ask yourself if you’re wondering if what you’re about to eat is ALL IN/Whole30:

Does it produce a healthy psychological response?
Does it mess up my hormones?
Will it throw my digestive system out of whack?
Is it an inflammatory?

Remember this challenge is about empowering you and equipping you with the information, tools and resources to succeed.

Next Monday, April 7th during the meeting we will cover:
Chapters 16 through 18 of It Starts With Food

Please read up, we’ll change up the meeting format a little (hint; more interactive) and you might be rewarded if you’re well read and prepared.

Hoodie Pre Order

Be on the lookout for some fresh new hoodies. Coming soon to the announcement board.

The O-Board Says…

A. 20 Min PT Grinder

B. Four sets for max reps of:
In 5 minutes
Run 600 meters
Unbroken Pull-Ups/Ring Pulls
Max Double unders

Post by Chris.