Alleviate Options…

Time and time again I hear excuses or road blocks that my clients come up with to hinder them from reaching their full potential. They don’t know how to do something, don’t have time, or lack the motivation (which I have linked my motivation blog so that will no longer be an issue).

We let excuses, options, distractions etc.. pile up and push us deeper and deeper into a self-destructive hole!

Lets face it when you really break it down and take a moment to look from the outside in, you will see that there are many people in the world facing the same struggles you are but have overcome much more. They have a more difficult schedule, lower-income, etc… and they are making it work…

So why not you?

I was reading a great book recently from one of the top sales man by the name of Grant Cardone. He has a written great books, has a fabulous radio show, and has made quite a name for himself in the sales industry. He says the key to success is to “alleviate options”. I will write it again just so it sticks… The key to success is to “alleviate options”. The less options there are in life the more focused we are on our goals and creating an environment of success and prosperity!

For example if you want to work out three times a week and the only time to do it is at 5:30am take your calendar and mark down 3 times in the week that work best for you to accomplish this. Then immediately go to your computer and sign in to those three classes. Now you have completely alleviated distraction and it is much harder to find excuses not to go when your name is written on something!

Of say you want to eat healthier, the first thing I tell all of my clients to do is “CLEAN OUT YOUR CUPBOARDS”! When it is not in your house you will not eat it, (unless you are having some crazy pms or pregnancy craving) 9 out 10 times you will reach for the good stuff in your house because that has become the only option!

This is a very simple way to live, but definitely not an easy way with the chaotic lives we all lead not to mention all the chaos around us.

I guarantee you, when you choose to live a life without options, there is only one way up to the top and that view is going to look really good!  I challenge you this next week, month, year etc…. to alleviate options and stick to the plan!

What options are stopping you from success?

Share your answers in the comments below.

Post by Annie.