Announcing CPM Bring A Friend Week…

We’d bet money that other people have noticed or asked you a question at some point that goes something like this:

“Why do you look like you just got hit by a bus?” (Post morning workout upon arriving at work)
“You’re looking good, what have you been doing?”

–or our personal favorite–

“Hey bro…….do you workout?”

All of the coaches were talking about how we’ve seen some form of improvement from everybody and how proud we are that you are all getting in the gym, kicking your own butts, and reaping the positive benefits!

Look it’s not secret…..we like our members….A LOT. Without sounding too Uncle Sam-ish, WE WANT YOUR FRIENDS! Chances are, you are surrounding yourselves with cool people who we we want to meet. So next time one of your cool friends (we’ll take the less cool ones if we must too) asks you one of the above questions, please tell them about our upcoming Bring a Friend Week.

Here are the details:

January 20th @7:30p: CPM Open House Event (Monday Evening)
*We’re kicking off the week on Monday night at 7:30pm with an Open House / Group Baseline
*The coaches go over who we are, what we do, and why we’re different
*We talk about the Bring a Friend Week
*We get to meet your friends
*We’re going to run everybody through a group baseline so the coaches can assess their fitness ability and your friends get a preview of how our workouts will look and feel.
*Come with your Friend(s) and Re-Test (or take for the 1st time) our Baseline

January 22 – 25 (Wednesday – Saturday)
*Partner themed workouts
*If you’ve been to Saturday morning at 9:30, think something similar
*Workout with your friends in a team
*Don’t just tell your friends what you’ve been doing, bring them in and SHOW them!
*If you’re thinking…..wait, wait, wait, what about these class sizes?! Please don’t worry too much, we are designing these workouts to be able to accommodate more people.

For those that aren’t bringing a friend:
*First of all, bring a dang friend
*If you don’t, still come. You’ll get a partner and get a killer workout in we assure you

That covers it!

We are super excited about this and we really need all of our members help to make this a special week. Grab one of us and ask us questions if you have em! See you all soon.

The O-Board Says…

For Time:
30 Handstand Pushups
40 Pullups
50 KettleBell Swings
60 Toes To Bar
70 Burpees

Chris, Annie and Stets