Are Chairs Really That Bad?

Many of you have noticed we have gotten rid of the big old desk we had in our office and replaced it with a much more asthetically pleasing and low back and hip pleasing standing desk.

The most common question is “How do you like it”? Well I don’t do that well with change (in some realms) and so when the boys came into the office one day and started to ship out the old desk and bring in the new I was a little hesitant.

Am I going to be able to stand all day? Sometimes a girl just needs to sit in a nice cozy chair (especially after workouts)…. But what was done was done so I better learn to get used to it.

We have had them for about a month and I must say I notice a big difference. I only sit when I have to and I position myself in ways that put my body in a much proper posture. I also have no cushion (literally I sit on the floor) so when my back starts to hurt or my legs start to get tingly, I know it is time to get up and move around.

I actually have developed a whole new sitting stance. My back feels better, my shoulders are back not forward, and my tightness in my hips has decreased tremendously and I don’t even sit in chairs very long. This really made me stop and think about you poor souls that are required to be at a desk from 8-5.

Here is a great article I would like you all to read informing you of the harmful effects that happen when we sit in chairs.

Here are some great stretches that was written in the Huffington Post to try at your desk, to alleviate some of the wrath of the “chair born society” we are susceptible to.

The O-Board Says…

A. Odd:10M Front Rack W Lunge
Even: Max Bar Hang or L Hang

B. 400 Meter Farmer Carry
*3 burpee penalty if u break

C. Cash Out 50 Evil Wheels
50 Windshield Wipers on the Bar

Posted by: Annie