Are We There Yet??

Are We There Yet??

“There is no finish line with FITness.” #sorryNotSorry

There is a lot of talk and I bet even more thought about…

When is this challenge going to be over?
Why isn’t it over already?
I wish is was only 4 weeks.

So I beg to ask the question(s)…

Why do you want it to be over?
… Do you want to go back to your old ways? That doesn’t seem like a good reason. If you do then why did you do the challenge anyway?

What is going to be different about you when it is over?
… What have you actually learned about yourself and your “daily” habits?
*(Remember the definition of “learning” is knowledge you have actually applied and used in your life; not just the information or knowledge itself)*

If you have these thoughts or feelings I want to let you know that is okay and we all think about that from time to time but allow me to impart a few concepts to shift your mentality…

A. “Your day is your life”

I heard this phrase by the co-founder of the challenge, Andy Petranek and it hit me hard! What you do EVERYDAY is what your future will look like. Your life is a collection of the days you have lived. And what you do each day will multiply over time and determine what life will become down the road. We can actually see our future when we take an honest look at our daily habits and behaviors.

B. You Are What You Think About

You are what you believe you are. Or, as the great Earl Nightingale put it, “We become what we think about.” There is no way to underestimate just how important is this idea. It is the foundation of all of the results you produce in life.

I love to go through the reflection feeds of the WL Challenge (it is one of my favorite parts of the challenge). When I do I don’t just look at what you are saying, I like to ‘read between the lines’ to understand how you are thinking more than what they are saying.

Your beliefs precede your actions, and your actions precede your results. If you believe that there is something that you must do to succeed, your actions will fall in line with that belief. Certain results inevitably follow.

But a lot of people don’t believe that they “must” do something to succeed. Instead, they believe they “should” do something, and so they lower their standard, never taking the necessary actions, never producing the great results they are capable of, and never reaching their full potential.

What is it that you believe? What is it that you spend your time thinking about? Those beliefs, those thoughts, have produced the results you are producing now.

What beliefs do you need to transform from “should” to “musts?” What do you need to spend your time thinking about for you to reach your full potential?

C. It’s All About Change

I’ve been in the FITness industry for 15 years…
*10 years ago = All I heard when I met with someone was how much weight they wanted to lose.
*5 years ago = The number on the scale wasn’t as important as to how much they just wanted to look and feel better.
*TODAY = “I want to live a Healthy Lifestyle” is the first thing I hear out of people’s mouth.

People are starting to figure it out. How do you stay consistent to healthy living? How can you succeed on the weekend? At parties? On vacation? Are the real questions people want the answers too. But guess what?? The answers are already out there for you. The solution is you need to CHANGE and incorporate the mindset and thinking to do something about it. We’ve told you several ways that has worked for others if it hasn’t worked for you yet the time is now and this is a great Challenge to figure it out. Look at your life and the situations that present themselves and commit to changing and you will change!

The O-Board Says…

A: Back Squats
*every 90-sec

B: 3 Rounds For Time:
25 Cal row
50 KB Swings
75 Double Unders
100m Farmers Carry

Post by Chris; @cmoknows