Are You a “But” Man?


In our daily lives it is very important to have a focus and goals and a deep rooted passion, desire, and plan to hit those goals.

With no plan and no direction it is impossible to hit your “goal”. It is as if you were driving across country for the first time wihout a map.

How are you supposed to know how to get to your destination without a route to take you there? If you have a map you will also avoid detours and distractions and stay focused on the path in front of you.

I recently heard this speech from a man by the name of Sean Stephensen .. He was born with a rare bone disorder and has been paralyzed since the age of 2. He is a renowed author and public speaker and doesn’t let his “but” get in the way.

He did an interview recently speaking on why he was not a “but” man and how your “but” gets in the way!

For example “But I am too scared”, But I am too out of shape”, “But I am too tired” etc….

Our but stops us from so many wonderful opportunites that are just staring us in the face but we can’t see them because our “buts” are too big!

Here is a great interview from Sean explaining exactly how to “GET OFF YOUR BUT”

What are some of your buts that are keeping you from success?

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The O-Board Says…

Run a Mile
3 Rounds
20 8 Count Body Builders
20 Squats
20 Diamond Pushups
Run a Mile

Post by Annie.