Are You Chalk Friendly?

Are You Chalk Friendly?

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The Great Debate – Chalk


If you are a CPM member, you know that chalk is a hot topic. It’s almost as big of a deal as the A/C, maybe even a bigger deal to some. I love chalk. I use it excessively. If we have a lot of pull-ups or toe 2 bar in the workout, I’m going to chalk up every single time I head to the rig. It helps with my grip, my confidence, my physique… ok, maybe not the physique 😉 But it’s a necessity (in my opinion) when we have high reps to prevent tearing and blisters.

So what is it about the chalk that bothers Chris so much? Is it the mess? Is it the fact that we use way more than we need? I’m not sure but Chris wanted me to give you some options on how to be “chalk friendly”. Here it goes!

Chalk mat – today we had toe 2 bar + burpees. Using a chalk mat for your burpees = chalk friendly


Wristbands – ok, so they don’t look super cool but they are effective in keeping your hands dry so equipment doesn’t slip out of them.

wristsweatband                                      willfsweatband

Clothes – Done with your movement on the bar? Wipe your hands off on your clothing before you drop into those burpees. We are all washing our clothes after this workout, right??


So that’s really about the only tips I have. I love chalk! It’s hard for me to preach what I don’t practice. Best thing to do is make sure Chris isn’t watching when you chalk up those hands 😉



The Oboard Says..
Part A:
*every 90-sec
Part B:
AMRAP 4min
5 Power Cleans
15 Wall Balls
*2-minutes rest
AMRAP 4min
7 Power Cleans
15 Wall Balls
*2-minutes rest
AMRAP 4min
9 Power Cleans
15 Wall Balls
Posted by: Emily