Are You Doing This Challenge Thing?

Are You Doing This Challenge Thing?

Progress Not Perfection

Can you believe February is almost here? This challenge is flying by. We are hearing lots of positive feedback from members on this challenge thus far. More energy, less cravings, pants fit better, skin is clearer. All of these things are great and worth bragging about. Keep up the good work challengers!

In case you missed it, click HERE to watch our latest challenge video.


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Bring A Friend Week Coming in February!

Time to do your friends a favor and invite them to join you for a fun week at CPM. Keep an eye out for emails announcing the dates and info!

Emily’s Progress Not Perfection Journey

Oh boy, what do I say about this week. Let me start by telling you we had a lot going on in our house this past week. That being said, I managed to continue to eat my 15 meals but I really fell off the wagon with MealLogger. Is anyone else struggling with taking pics of their food and posting it? Ugh. For some reason that has been the biggest challenge for me. So for those of you wondering where my pics have been, I’m still “in” the challenge (but I can’t win) and eating compliant meals but they aren’t all making it to MealLogger.

I often times get hung up on my weight. It’s easy for women to do and I’m not a light person. I haven’t weighed myself for a couple weeks and I don’t necessarily feel lighter however I did have a big win at the gym the other day. I was able to do bar muscle-ups! I haven’t tried them in 8 months because they were aggravating my shoulder but decided to try them in the workout the other day. Not only did a get 2 before class, I was able to do most of them during the workout. So how does this tie into my weight? Well, I always figure something like a bar muscle-up has got to be really difficult for someone who weighs too much in relation to their strength. So to me this affirms that I’m keeping my weight in check (hopefully) and I’m on the right track with my fitness. I’ll have plenty of time in my year’s to come to try to drop pounds but right now I just want to be strong and healthy.

I have had a few lattes here and there. Still trying to get rid of them. And we made some awesome peanut butter chocolate chip bars. Let me tell you, they are worth it! And that is being practical, right?

Keep up the great work friends!

The Oboard Says..
Row 1000m
1 min Handstand Hold
20 High Box Jumps
100 Situps
Row 750m
1 min Handstand Hold
15 High Box Jumps
75 Situps
Row 500m
1 min Handstand Hold
10 High Box Jumps
50 Situps
Row 250m
1 min HS Hold
5 High Box Jumps
25 Situps
Posted by: Emily