Are You Stressed Out?


Life is full of up’s and down’s. It is easy to be motivated, positive and upbeat when everything is going your way.

But what about when things don’t? What happens when everything in your life is going in the wrong direction? When nothing seems to work? When you feel stuck and there are no answers in sight? Mann that is when our stress levels can skyrocket!

Ask yourself, “Am I Stressed Out?”


#1. Do the sh** (stuff) you’ve been putting off.
#2. Don’t take yourself so dang serious…
#3. Stop trying to control everything… You Freak!
#4. Do want you can — Accept what you can’t — And move the H-E-L-L on…

After you hear those 4 steps. Do you feel better? I sure do.

So lets not only feel better lets take some action.

Do this…

Jot down what is stressing you out.  Then apply the above formula. Last, stop everything you are doing for a moment and just ‘Breathe…’

Here is some great news; none of ‘this’ really matters does it?

Twenty years from now, we will not remember a single thing that we are so stressed about today. Remember what you were stressed about in 1994? Neither do I!

Don’t let things that don’t ultimately matter in the future disrupt what’s important in the present.

The past is in the past. NOW is what what matters.

The O-Board Says…

I. AMRAP 3 Minutes
MAX Push ups
*every time you stop, complete 10 Jump Squats

II. AMRAP 20 Minutes
4 Strict Pullup’s
8 Burpee Box Jumps
12 Russian KB Swing
**every 4 minutes, complete a 400m run**

III. AMRAP 3 Minutes
MAX Jump squats
*every time you stop, complete 10 Push Ups

Post by Chris; @cmoknows