Are Your Friends A Good Representation of You?

As I was driving and listening to my Darren Hardy book “Design Your Best Year Ever”  he   has a chapter which really caught my ear. He talks about “Who are you surrounding yourself  by? ”

Are your friends your engine or are they your brakes?

Are they fulfilling your life or taking away from it?

Darren said to make a list of the top 5 people who you surround yourself by most…

And then next to their name write if you think they are an engine or brake?

This is such a great exercise for us to really evaluate who we are spending the majority of our time with day in and day out.

Are the friends in your life convincing you to go to happy hour every night with pizza and beer when they know that you are trying to really trying to make your health a priority. Or are they keeping you accountable and helping you to be the “healthiest” that you can be???

Do your friends represent who you are and where you are going? Or are they holding back from being the person that you are truly capable of being?

So I ask you, are you happy with the people who you are surrounding yourself by, or are these people holding you back from being the best “you” that you can be?

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Post by Annie.