At CPM We Put The “FUN” in Fitness…

My husband and I are constantly trying to think out of the box on how we continue to make working out a “fun” habit instead of a chore. If we begin to change our mindset and view fitness as a bonus in our life instead of judgement day we are more apt to continue on our path to success.

What if you could peform activities that you really enjoyed and benefited from in return?  How do you even know what you like to do and why you are actually doing it?

First write down a list of 5-10 activities that bring joy to your life. It can be biking, running, yoga, weight training, kick boxing etc…

Now write down your “why”  and how you are going to make these activites a priority for your health and wellness.

I like to take my calander out on Sunday nights and look at the week ahead and figure out when I have “MY” time to focus on my health and fitness; and clear my head.

For me personally, I get up every am early hop on my rower and begin my day. I feel great,  get my endorphins kicking, and puts me in a great positive place for the day ahead.

Another trick that I have seen a lot of success with is finding friends and people around to work out with. Now you are not relying on you, and you have others to hold you accountable.

Make sure that your activity is surrounded by positive motivating people. We are constantly surrounded by negativity so the last thing we want to do is put ourself in a place where we are going to feel defeated.

On Saturday evening I ran a 5k GLO run. You get a group of friends, family etc… Dress yourself up with some fancy glo sticks and bright neon colors and run your little heart out. It was in downtown and started at 9pm. There were bands, drinks, and fun had by all. I still had a great workout, got my heart rate up, and really enjoyed myself in the process.

Now lets face it just like everything in life, it wont always be fun! There will be days it will hurt, you won’t want to do it, and you have more excuses than motivation. This is when you need to remember the reasons why are doing what you are doing!

Life is the same, it is not always going to be easy, we are going to face hard times, but the more we are focused on the goal and the ultimate “why” the more determined we will become.

So I challenge you CPM’ers to write down your favorite activities and then sit down with your calendar tonight and plan your road to success!

Today’s Workout:


5 Rounds for Time:
400 meter run
15 Overhead Squats

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