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I am dedicated to the constant improvement of my life and serving in the the lives of others with their Health, Fitness and Wellness. My journey began way back as a dedicated high school athlete in the sport of basketball excelling into the collegiate level. After college I began my career as a personal trainer in 2001 not really knowing where it would take me. Having the ability to dramatically improve someones health and fitness is fascinating to me. I became a personal trainer in 2001 to empower myself with the knowledge and the skills to enhance my physical body and mental capacity. Over the years the pursuit and study of fitness developed into a passion for me. I became a student of fitness and healthy living. Once I began to see the positive impact in my clients the passion they grew to helping others achieve their personal goals. I am continually searching for new ways to improve myself and the ways in which I can affect people in a positive and supportive way. I understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds and different ways of living. I believe I can connect with each person and inspire them to live healthier by first, helping them to be aware of their present state and the choices that they have made. Then, to educate them to make healthier and more positive choices. Lastly, to integrate and take action toward creating permanent habits that are a better personal “FIT”. When I am not coaching I look forward to spending time with my family and friends. I also take part in various sports and outdoor activities, searching for the next best coffee house to read or write.

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Success or Failure?? Which Do You Learn More From?

Success or Failure?? Which Do You Learn More From?

Success or failure??

Which do you learn the most from? Most people will tell you that mistakes are what you learn from, but I learn more from my successes than I do my mistakes. If there’s a consistent mistake I make, it’s that I don’t learn from what just worked for me.

“If it ain’t broke….”

If I do something successfully, then I try something new… That sounds dumb. Stay focused on your successes and repeat them. Focus on where you’ve won, the meal prep for the week, making it everyday to a workout last week, reaching for water vs. a soda…and then […] Read more

CPM – Adult Recess Manifesto

CPM – Adult Recess Manifesto

“We need to think like a kid more and act like an adult a little less:-)”

When a prospect is interested in CPMFITness. They want to know what makes us unique or different from other gyms around town. So I hit on all the obvious features and benefits:

Great Coaches who care and are congruent with the message.
Awesome workouts that are different, effective and challenging.
Our leadership. We learn, evolve and are always seeking the path of excellence; physically, mentally and emotionally.

But what is our secret weapon??

Most gyms would say ‘community’. But that is such a over exploited term now-a-days that it doesn’t […] Read more

Get Comfortable Being Uncomforable

Get Comfortable Being Uncomforable

Success is a comfort awarded to those only willing to do the uncomfortable. Comfort is a stagnation. Growth requires a constant state of discomfort.

Well that sucks!… Well… Actually when you really understand this it can be empowering.

How can you want to be uncomfortable? How can you consistently put up with the ‘HARD’?

Here are 5 great tips from a mentor of mine, Darren Hardy.

1. Do what you resist!
When giving a choice between (2) options pick the one with most resistance.
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2. Push past HARD!
When your brain says back off, it is a REAL clue that growth is on the […] Read more

Keeping ‘it’ Consistent…

Keeping ‘it’ Consistent…

We are right smack in the middle of our CPM Wired to Eat Challenge. And like all challenges do it gets me thinking about the psychology of success and winning.

It’s so funny how our human brain is wired to resist change or challenges…
-We are creatures of habit. The real challenge is getting out of our comfort zone.
-If left up to us we would choose the path of least resistance.
-We all have great intentions. But being intentional is the tough part.
-Paralysis by Analysis. We OVERTHINK everything!

As the group finds their new rhythm with the challenge in full swing I’ve noticed what […] Read more

Who’s Got Time for that?!?

Who’s Got Time for that?!?

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”

Time has been on my mind as of late. I heard that the older you get the faster it goes. Maybe there’s something to that. One of the most empowering things I have done is do a time study for a week. Beyond the objective measuring of time here are some subjective topics that can equip and empower you to play the game of life at a higher level.

Hitting the snooze button: You have less time than you think you do. […] Read more

4th Quarter FITness Blitz

4th Quarter FITness Blitz

The clock is ticking. We’re already halfway through the 2nd week of the 4thquarter of 2017 (can you believe it?!). For too many gym enthusiasts (or gym wanna be’s:-), this is the quarter that will make or break their year. If you’re in this camp, keep reading for what you need to be doing.

Unfortunately, I’m sharing this from first-hand experience, having spent too many years part of multiple gyms over the years (globo, 2 CrossFIT in 2 states, and now CPM) that didn’t start thinking about making their health a priority until the new year… Problem is it can become a viscous […] Read more

It’s About to Go Down; #challengeCallOut

It’s About to Go Down; #challengeCallOut

Our “Wired to Eat” Challenge starts this Friday!

This is unlike any challenge we have done in the history of CPMFITness (est 2013).

At the (successful) completion of this challenge you achieve the following…
*Turn off Cravings
*Rewire your appetite for Weight Loss
*Determine the Foods that work for you EXACTLY #personalizedNutrition

We are diving deeper into the body to how we can learn how our hormones and brain are genetically ‘wired’ to move less and eat more… huh??

Yep, the author wanted to name this book… “It’s not your fault”.

Our bodies were genetically designed to live in a different world then we walk today. By understanding where we came […] Read more

The Antidote to Being unHappy

The Antidote to Being unHappy

“How do I make my prospective clients do what I need them to do? They’re stubborn.”

“How do I get my staff to perform better? How do I get them to focus on the outcomes they need to achieve?

You can extend the list of people that you want to do something different to all sorts of people, including  family members, co-workers, neighbors, friends, gym buddies, etc…. The answer is always the same. But first, let’s talk about internal and external focus.

It’s Not “Out There”

One of the most effective ways to make yourself unhappy is to believe that your problems are “out there,” that they are […] Read more

The Evolution of the #bassUp

The Evolution of the #bassUp

Missy and Trenton Bass have been on my mind (and the minds of many) around CPM for the last week and a half. The accident that occurred has changed many lives especially those in the Bass household.

For more info on Trenton Bass’s story click HERE.


The #bassUp started as a fun way to scale UP workouts at CPM. For those of you that know Missy and have been fortunate to workout with her you would understand that Missy is as Strong and Conditioned as they come. She typically lifts more than the guys around her and runs circles […] Read more

Taking “It” For Granted… (new Podcast Episode)

Taking “It” For Granted… (new Podcast Episode)

Life is short. Life moves fast. Our lives can be crazy busy. It can be tough to slow it down and ‘smell the roses’.

I find that it can be too easy to take the really important things in life “FOR GRANTED”.

A few weeks ago Annie asked me the question, “How do you take me for granted?” And it turned into a really awesome topic for this podcast. Tune in and let us know your thoughts. If you really like it, share it with your friends.

Here are the show notes…

Episode 5: Taking “It” for Granted…

Asking yourself the question, “Am I taking it […] Read more