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I am dedicated to the constant improvement of my life and serving in the the lives of others with their Health, Fitness and Wellness. My journey began way back as a dedicated high school athlete in the sport of basketball excelling into the collegiate level. After college I began my career as a personal trainer in 2001 not really knowing where it would take me. Having the ability to dramatically improve someones health and fitness is fascinating to me. I became a personal trainer in 2001 to empower myself with the knowledge and the skills to enhance my physical body and mental capacity. Over the years the pursuit and study of fitness developed into a passion for me. I became a student of fitness and healthy living. Once I began to see the positive impact in my clients the passion they grew to helping others achieve their personal goals. I am continually searching for new ways to improve myself and the ways in which I can affect people in a positive and supportive way. I understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds and different ways of living. I believe I can connect with each person and inspire them to live healthier by first, helping them to be aware of their present state and the choices that they have made. Then, to educate them to make healthier and more positive choices. Lastly, to integrate and take action toward creating permanent habits that are a better personal “FIT”. When I am not coaching I look forward to spending time with my family and friends. I also take part in various sports and outdoor activities, searching for the next best coffee house to read or write.

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Do we Treat our Bodies like Bank Accounts???

Do we Treat our Bodies like Bank Accounts???

I have this concept that I am very passionate about, “True Wealth is Your Health”. But it’s more than a cliche to me.

What if you looked at FITness the same way you looked at your finances? 

Conceptually, any money metric you can think of (income, debt, interest, investments, deposit, credits, Profit and Loss statement, etc…) can be translated to a Health Metric (muscle mass, body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol, bone destiny, etc…).

My first example (of many more to come :-)…

Interest = Metabolism

Interest on your money from an investment standpoint is great! Money earning money and the power of compounding interest wins […] Read more

Stay Humble…

Stay Humble…

“Nothing worth it is easy. Nothing easy is worth it.”

This phase I have talked about often. It humbles me when things get challenging or I start something new that I suck at.

Please stop seeing being a beginner (or lack of results) as something negative. It’s actually quite an amazing thing, going through the effort to learn something new.

Honestly, I love being a beginner (constant student) and working with beginners. As a coach I embrace the challenge, and as a practitioner it helps me stay close to the learning process and connect with my clients.

So when I get comments like “maybe I […] Read more

Lets Pull a PLANE!… #literally

Lets Pull a PLANE!… #literally

Are you up for a Challenge?

Lets PULL a Plane together for a good cause!

Join a group of the CPM Coaches as we use our FITness in the 2nd annual “Ultimate Man vs. Machine Challenge”. This extreme and unique fundraising event pits teams of 10 against a 70,000 lb. aircraft; all the while helping raise funding and awareness for Special Olympics South Dakota.

If you have an adventurous spirit, a generous heart and the desire to make a difference then join us on our team. Sign up link –> (HERE)

Our Goal is to get a Coaches Team and a CPM Members Team.

A […] Read more

The Un-Obvious Reasons Why…

The Un-Obvious Reasons Why…

We believe Fitness needs to be a HUGE part of your life (SHOCKER right 😉

There is a host of OBVIOUS reasons; which you all are familiar with,

Lose weight, improve blood chemistry, More energy, Increase Strength, Look better Naked, etc….

I want to talk to you about the “un-obvious” reasons. Reasons that when you read them makes those obvious reasons minimal and these ‘un-obvious’ reasons much more IMPACTFUL and FULFILLING.

1. The HIGHEST Energy Always WINS!!

In every area of life, (family, social setting, and especially business), the MORE fit, healthy and energized person is going to […] Read more

MORE than A-B-S

MORE than A-B-S

With our Crunch Time Challenge starting on Monday (LINK)… I can’t help but provide you with some very help Pro-Tips when it comes to training your midsection in purse of that washboard abs (or even dare I say the 6 pack)! In that, I will leave you with 4 Rules to go by…

1️⃣ Tension is Mandatory

“Tension = Stability = Strength = Results”

This is the rule most commonly violated by  clients that plateau with core strength. Why? Because it’s…

😬Uncomfortable: When you relax the tension goes away.
👎🏼Untrained: We sit in chairs all day.
🥵Hard… (literally) How long can you squeeze your abs […] Read more

The One Question I Ask EVERYONE….

The One Question I Ask EVERYONE….

What would you grade yourself with your exercise and nutrition since you’ve been apart of CPMFITness?

When I meet with someone for our 1st Nutrition Session that is my question I ask everyone.

Think back to when you attended grade school. You had various classes and subjects (math, history, spelling, english, etc…) to equip you with the knowledge you needed to graduate school, get a job and thrive in your lives. The rule of thumb in your schooling was the better grades you received the more results you would achieve in life.

CPMFITness is just like that for Health and FITness. We provide Group Classes […] Read more

CPM Nutrition: Top 5 Skills

CPM Nutrition: Top 5 Skills

Our goal is to help you build a foundation for long term, sustainable health without gimmicks or quick-fixes. (Hopefully you’ve got that from my last few posts:-)

At CPMFITness we typically have 3 types of clients when it comes to nutrition…

Client A = They have no clue on what Healthy Nutrition looks like
Client B = The ‘Yo-Yo Dieter’
Client C = I know what to do… But I just can’t do it consistently.

No matter which client we are sitting in front of nothing matters unless they commit to creating and building “Self Discipline” and “Actionable Habits” to become consistent with your […] Read more

CPMFITness Nutriton 201

CPMFITness Nutriton 201

“Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.” ~ Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Last week we discussed how our view of Nutrition on a 101 level  (LINK) is all about the Do’s and a what exactly is a compliant meal.

This week we introduce….

CPMFITness 201 = The Don’ts (What to limit and What to do about it)

1st Offender = Seed Oils: Basically every restaurant cooks with them; Fast food joints, chain restaurants or fine dining establishments. They are found most processed foods such […] Read more

Accountability Hack: Flip the Script

Accountability Hack: Flip the Script

A great trick I’ve learned over the year is when I’m feeling “burned out” or starting to lack motivation with FITness and/or Nutrition is to…

“Flip the Script”

Most of us know what it takes to be successful with our Health and FITness. The problem is…we are human.

And so much of our success with our Health and FITness rides on what is going on with our lives, family, friends, work, and the normal everyday stresses that life will present you with. Motivation is all about the mental and emotional.

So when the workouts are becoming stale…
And when the PR’s aren’t happening…
When […] Read more

CPMFITness Nutrition 101…

CPMFITness Nutrition 101…

Every physical body is unique, but the path to growth has the same requirements for everyone.

Back in December of 2018 The New York Times had a published article, “Is There an Optimal Diet for Humans?” (LINK)

The Highlights on a Study of a Modern Hunter Gather Groups Post…

Instead of trying to find the ‘perfect diet’ for everyone, we should start by looking at what the best diets have in common (or in this case, what our ancestors all over the world had in common).
Less is More; What does ‘novelty’ have to do with overeating?
“Almost all of them eat a mix of […] Read more

CHECKPOINT! Lets Get some R&R…

CHECKPOINT! Lets Get some R&R…

“People need to be Reminded (Re-sold) more than they need to be told” ~ Me:-)

If we divided 2019 into 3 this would end the 1st Trimester of the year.  With that, lets STOP the world for a moment and check-in.

It is waay too easy to let the time fly by, the days pile up and you ‘wake up’ one day and go “Where did the last 5.5 years go?!?”

Here are 3 of the most important questions I like to ask myself, my wife, clients and those around me who I care about…

A. Why we got started?
B. What we are doing […] Read more

Exercise Your Gratitude… This Saturday!

Exercise Your Gratitude… This Saturday!

This Saturday is our next opportunity to Exercise Your Gratitude!

Rally for Robbie | “Power Clean for the Cleaner”

All classes will be complimentary to our members and we ask for a $20 (or more:-) donation for Rob and his family.


On March 16th Rob collapsed after the St Patrick’s Day one mile race downtown.  Since then he has successfully had a heart valve replacement surgery. This has been quite a temporary set back for the Western Mall and for CPMFITness as Rob is such an extraordinary person and keeps the Western Mall in such great shape! Rob has always such a positive force […] Read more

Don’t Be Wack… Fix your Front Rack

Don’t Be Wack… Fix your Front Rack


Now that you’ve figured out your exact limitations to the front rack let’s discuss programming this mobility work. There are a ba-zillion different mobility moves for each of the above areas and I’m not going to cover them. Instead I’ll give you an outline of what to do.

Part 1; You’ve got to Stretch 

Spend 1-2 minutes on each of the specific above areas that you need to address.
After addressing the individual components, use one of the below global mobilizations for ~2 minutes.

Here is a Cheat Sheet:
a. Wrist Work = LINK
b. Elbow Work = (pic above) 
c. Shoulder […] Read more

Going into the Weekend Thought(s)… A Different Perspective on Time.

Going into the Weekend Thought(s)… A Different Perspective on Time.

Going into the Weekend Thought(s)…


We ALL have 168 hours in a week, 24 hours in a day, 1440 minutes in a day. 


Think of your time as a jar, which you can fill with a finite number of rocks, pebbles, and sand.⁣⠀⁣

Your big ROCKS represent the stuff that’s most necessary to feel fulfilled in life, such as time with friends and family, and earning a living.⁣⠀⁣

Your PEBBLES add extra fun and satisfaction to life, but aren’t totally necessary. These may include hobbies or being a competitive athlete.⁣⠀⁣

And your SAND is purely “bonus” activity. It can be enjoyable, but it’s not crucial […] Read more

Fix Your Front Rack… “Can You Even?”

Fix Your Front Rack… “Can You Even?”

The Front Rack Position = With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The Front Rack can be a very difficult position for many fitness enthusiasts to get into, and without a solid front rack, Weightlifting and your potential results will be significantly limited. Often, the wrist also ends up being painful for many. While sometimes wrist mobility can be the limiting factor that leads to a poor front rack and pain, sometimes it is just the joint that takes the stress of another area not moving enough. Identifying your exact limitation(s) will then allow you to better game plan what you need […] Read more

Going into the Weekend Thought… “Praise Behaviors, Not Results.”

Going into the Weekend Thought… “Praise Behaviors, Not Results.”

Going into the Weekend Thought….


Praise Behaviors, NOT Results.⠀⁣


Whenever people lose weight, lower body fat, or experience positive health changes, it’s very tempting to high-five them and lavish praise.⠀⁣

But But there are risks of doing this.⠀⁣

“Results are somewhat unpredictable. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to praise metrics. Because they’re fickle. And clients have limited control over them.⠀⁣

On the other hand, behaviors are controllable, and consistent behaviors often lead to long-term, sustainable outcomes.⠀⁣

So, when you praise behaviors (instead of outcomes), people will associate taking action and showing up — not dropping numbers on the scale — with smiles and high-fives.”⠀⁣

The next time […] Read more

Weak in the Wrists….

Weak in the Wrists….

The workout of the day will involve all of your body from head to toe. When I look at this workout with my coaches hat on, What do you think I think will be the most limiting factor?

Technique is the Snatch = No
Mobility with the Overhead Squat = Closer.
Speed and Conditioning on the Burpees = Nope

Your Wrists! 

If you have to tape your wrists for a workout. Or if you have to stop and shake your wrists out whenever you do push-ups. Or maybe your wrists are screaming or stiff from hours you spend on your computer (or smartphone). Then we […] Read more

Rally for Robb!… April 27th (save the date)

Rally for Robb!… April 27th (save the date)

As some of you may have noticed, over at the Western Mall location, Robbie Kool, our morning maintenance guy has been out the past couple weeks. He helps Randy out tremendously and is a valuable asset to our mall.  On March 16th he collapsed after the St Patrick’s Day one mile race downtown.  Since then he has successfully had a heart valve replacement surgery.

This is quite a temporary set back for the mall (and for CPM) as Rob is such an extraordinary person and keeps the Western Mall in such great shape! Not only that he is always such a […] Read more

Choose to Think Different…

Choose to Think Different…

I heard this term awhile ago that has stuck with me,

“Where the mind goes, the energy follows.”

In other words, positive thoughts are precursors to a positive life. On the other hand, anxious thoughts and negative expectations set us up for miserable lives.

Many people think they cannot control their thoughts, but they can. Like anything else, it takes practice. What you think is up to you. You can choose your own thoughts and should do so carefully, since thoughts have a lot of creative power in your life. If you don’t reject bad thoughts (or learn how to acknowledge them to […] Read more

Coaches Spotlight – Lisa Zahn

Coaches Spotlight – Lisa Zahn

All the simplest ways to excel with your FITness and Health and help others around you…

Practice what you Preach
Get Family and Friends around you to buy in to “the Lifestyle”
Have a thirst for knowledge and passion for more

All of these things Lisa Zahn has incorporated into her life.

Now I never said it was easy… But I will say it is worth it.

Enjoy our conversation and get to know Coach Lisa a little more.

Introduce yourself (who is Lisa Zahn in a nutshell) and how long you have been with us.

39 years old, married, mother of 2. Working full time in […] Read more