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I am dedicated to the constant improvement of my life and serving in the the lives of others with their Health, Fitness and Wellness. My journey began way back as a dedicated high school athlete in the sport of basketball excelling into the collegiate level. After college I began my career as a personal trainer in 2001 not really knowing where it would take me. Having the ability to dramatically improve someones health and fitness is fascinating to me. I became a personal trainer in 2001 to empower myself with the knowledge and the skills to enhance my physical body and mental capacity. Over the years the pursuit and study of fitness developed into a passion for me. I became a student of fitness and healthy living. Once I began to see the positive impact in my clients the passion they grew to helping others achieve their personal goals. I am continually searching for new ways to improve myself and the ways in which I can affect people in a positive and supportive way. I understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds and different ways of living. I believe I can connect with each person and inspire them to live healthier by first, helping them to be aware of their present state and the choices that they have made. Then, to educate them to make healthier and more positive choices. Lastly, to integrate and take action toward creating permanent habits that are a better personal “FIT”. When I am not coaching I look forward to spending time with my family and friends. I also take part in various sports and outdoor activities, searching for the next best coffee house to read or write.

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The FITness Hustle is REAL… 4 Mental Gamechangers

The FITness Hustle is REAL… 4 Mental Gamechangers

“Nothing worth it is easy. Nothing easy is worth it.”

FITness is a life long process. There is no finish line.

You will go through some sort of struggle(s) at some point in your life, and in order to succeed, you have to hustle, even on the days you don’t feel like it. When your motivation is no longer there, your self-discipline should be.

Just like with everything else, that’s easier said than done. The good news is even the success struggle too, they actually struggle more. Why they succeed vs. the average is their ability to rise back up after they […] Read more

6 Degrees of Commitment…

6 Degrees of Commitment…

~nobody’s more committed then this lady above~

Lets talk about commitment…

Commitment to More…

In our gym, we feel every client deserves more… Some agree and do more. Some don’t and don’t. Did you know that if you commit to more you will receive more?!? Commitment is the key ingredient to guaranteeing success. By committing to less than more you are gambling with your future.  Everyone wants to WIN, few will really commit. When you fully commit to yourself, goals, family, FITness you will guarantee a better life for you and everyone around you.

Commitment to Learning…

We can look at the successful […] Read more

No More To-Do Lists…

No More To-Do Lists…

I like to talk about time and tasks.


As we move through our fast paced lives with lots of commitments to our family, job, friends, health, etc… It can be challenging to fit everything into our day and week. So what do we do? We make a to-do list (TDL)! Get the thoughts out of our head and on to paper and begin to attack our TDL. This can be a very good thing as writing it down will remind us of what we need […] Read more

CPM’s Guide to the “Winner’s Mindset”

CPM’s Guide to the “Winner’s Mindset”

What separates the winners from the losers, is that winners accept that there are no shortcuts to success. Equipped with hard work, sweat, and consistency, the most effective tools for success, winners do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Achieving success in CPMFITness comes down to the decisions that we make on a daily basis. These, in turn, become our habits. Gain insight into the habits of winners, so that you can turn even smallest of efforts into success.

Set Your Goals and Take Action

Goal-Setting is the single most important skill to acquire when it comes to creating healthy exercise habits. […] Read more

10 Smart Sleep Tips…

10 Smart Sleep Tips…

We are wrapping our 2nd go around with the Whole Life Challenge. Why I love the challenge is it gets us aware, educated and practicing everything we NEED to be doing when we are not at the gym! The transformations are obvious of those who adhere to the principles and uncover what their biggest sticking points are with their health.

My biggest sticking point is SLEEP! Ambition and Motivation are some of my greatest assets but also some of my biggest liabilities. I always have LOTS on my mind which can lead into the evening and limit my ability to calm […] Read more

The Miracle Question… ?

The Miracle Question… ?

Human beings are motivated by one of two things:

1. Pain
2. Pleasure

One can argue which is more motivating. Regardless, we can all agree that change is tough. Change takes sacrifice, commitment, consistency and the bigger the change you want the more of a challenge it will be.

I was was recently introduced to something by a friend called, “The Miracle Question”.

The miracle question basically asks people to make believe, however fantastical it may be in their particular circumstances, that their life has already dramatically changed for the better.

So instead of focusing exclusively on how insoluble their problem is, and how difficult life […] Read more

True or False Comparison??

True or False Comparison??

Now that Friday Night Lights is in full swing; I’d like to bring back a topic I wrote about back in 2011 (LINK) that may help you now or later due to the heightened heat of the FNL competition….

In your FITness, Career and the other important areas of your life it is easy to compare what you want to what others have…

The FIT dude says…

“I wish I could do as many ____ as he/she can!”
“Why can’t I go as fast in the ____as he/she can?!”

Also, in life and career:

“I want to be rich and famous”
“Why can’t I catch a […] Read more

Why “Friday Night Lights”??

Why “Friday Night Lights”??

With our Friday Night Lights starting in a few days something very good or something very bad can happen to you…

You can become motivated beyond what you ever thought possible.


You can fall into the Bermuda triangle of COMPARING yourself to others, their scores, begin to question your training and success you have had thus far. Falling victim to self sabotaging yourself.

Friday Night Lights is a way to provide context to your training and gives you purpose behind everything you have been working for in the gym day in and day out.


Competition can bring out the best in you. I fully believe that you can […] Read more

How to Apply the 80/20 Rule to Improve Your Health and Your Life…

How to Apply the 80/20 Rule to Improve Your Health and Your Life…

There’s a lot going on in the world, and generally people tend to have a lot going on in their lives too. The secret to dealing with what can feel like an overwhelming existence in our modern world is to shift your focus to the things that matter, and start cutting the things that don’t. To help you along the way, lets look at how you can apply the 80/20 rule to different areas of your health.

What is the 80/20 Rule?

Also called the “Pareto Principle”, the 80/20 rule simply states that in many cases 80% of results are caused by […] Read more

Be in the Know…

Be in the Know…



To the degree that you actually KNOW what you do (with your nutrition) that creates the situation that makes you consistent and creates long term pattern of behavior. Is to the degree that you will prosper your nutrition.

To the degree that you don’t know about nutrition you will never be able to make it consistent and healthy living a lifestyle.

When you KNOW what you’re doing. You will quit making excuses of why you didn’t follow through with your nutritional goals. And you will start to FULLY understand what you are doing (well and poorly) and why you are […] Read more