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The Mod Squad – Challenge your Movement

The Mod Squad – Challenge your Movement

Up your Down Dog game, try Dolphin!


This week we have a great pose break down, let me introduce you to Dolphin. This is a great pose to open up the shoulders, stretch into the hamstrings and give some attention to our low back.

Dolphin is a great pose to not only incorporate into your yoga practice (great option to down dog), but can be a great stretch to sneak in before or after a workout. Since it hits so many of our most common tight spots, I encourage you to try this.


Few pointers to get the most out of this pose:

1. Keep […] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts Jan 15 – Jan 19

CPM Week of Workouts Jan 15 – Jan 19

Never say Never. Believe in yourself and you can make it happen.


So much fun in store this week. You won’t want to miss it.

Monday: Start things off right with some rowing, wall balls, and T2B.

Tuesday:  A fun EMOTM with deadlifts, power cleans, and push press.

Wednesday:  It’s a chipper! Plate to OH, weighted sit-ups, KB swings, OH walking lunges, burpees, running, and rowing.

Thursday:  Tabata Barbell. Great barbell workout.

Friday:  Fight Gone Bad! KB SDLHP, bear crawl, rowing, man makers, and box jumps.

Have a great week CPM!



The O-Board Says…

Part A
200m run
10 KB cossack squats

Part B
2 rounds
(1) 4 min AMRAP
20/25 cal row
MAX wall […] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts Jan 8 – Jan 12

CPM Week of Workouts Jan 8 – Jan 12

Have you set your goal yet?

The goal boards are up at both gyms, so let fill them up! Use your CPM community to support you in getting where you want to be in 2018!

Monday:  Start your week with some Squat Cleans. Followed by Running, Power Cleans and Rowing.

Tuesday:  It’s a chipper. Lots of great movements: Double Unders, KB swings, Box Jumps, Wall Balls, T2B, Burpees, Jumping Pull-Ups.

Wednesday:  Strength Day! Part A has some Power Snatch work while Part B has Power Snatches and Evil Wheels!

Thursday:  Another fun one! We have some running, DB Thrusters, Sit-Ups, Slam Balls and more running.

Friday:  […] Read more

The Mod Squad – Get Some Rest!

The Mod Squad – Get Some Rest!

Who’s ready for a restful nights sleep?

This time of year is always tough for me as it’s cold, and dark and once I am in my pj’s the last thing I want to think about is yoga.  But some simple yoga moves right before bed can make a huge difference in helping set yourself up for a restful night’s sleep.

Today’s video includes some easy movements you can do in bed to get your body and your mind ready for a restful night’s sleep.  No special workout clothes or mat required!  Take a long as you want with the poses and […] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts Jan 1 – Jan 5

CPM Week of Workouts Jan 1 – Jan 5

Are you ready to pull the trigger CPM!


We have some great workouts in store for you this week, so get ready to #get2thegym.

Monday:  New Year’s Day!  Join us for a special workout.  You definitely won’t want to miss it!

Tuesday:  Who doesn’t love starting the workout with Turkish Get Ups! Then we have squats, push-ups, lunges and running.

Wednesday:  Get ready for some Kettlebell Fun!!

Thursday:  All the squats, Front Squat, Back Squat, OH Squat.

Friday:  Going old school with some Bench Press.  Part B has sit-ups, burpees, deadlifts and Double Unders!


The O-Board Says…

Happy New Year!
We have a special workout planned, come join us!!

[…] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts Dec 25 – Dec 29

CPM Week of Workouts Dec 25 – Dec 29

Happy Holidays CPM!

We hope everyone is getting to enjoy time with family and friends.  We can’t wait to see you back in the gym!


Monday: Merry Christmas! ?

Tuesday:  Start the workout with a Power Snatch and Strict Pull-up.  Part B has more Power Snatches, Pull-ups and Cal row.

Wednesday:  Strength day with some Back Squats. Workout has some running, KB snatch and burpee box jumps.

Thursday:  Part A has Bar Hang and HS hold.  Part B is wall balls, Hang Power Cleans, and HSPU.

Friday:  Clean and Jerks, running, KB swings, running, and burpees.


The O-Board Says…


[…] Read more

The Mod Squad – Healthy Holidays

The Mod Squad – Healthy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

This is a busy time of year for most of us. Work, school, family are all pulling us in so many different directions that it can be hard to take time for ourselves.  It can also mean eating treats we normally wouldn’t and traveling to see family and friends.  This week’s video is here to save your holiday!

I have put together a series of poses to help everyone spending long amounts of time in a car or plane or just sitting more than usual.  Plus, BONUS, many of these moves will also help us with our digestion.  […] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts: Dec 18 – Dec 22

You CAN do it!  All you have to do is try.


As we head into this busy time of year, make sure you are taking care of yourself CPM by getting to the gym!

Monday:  Start your week strong with FRONT SQUATS.  Get some more meters in with some rowing, slam balls, front squats and clean and jerk.

Tuesday:  Practice that pulling strength with rope climbs.  Not to worry, we have plenty of options for the rope climb. We are also throwing in some toes to bar, OH lunges and running/rowing.

Wednesday:  It’s the Christmas Cookie Crusher. ?   Too many good things to list, so come […] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts: Dec 11 – Dec 15

A good workout is a great way to clear mind your mind.


Ready for another great week of workouts CPM!!


Monday: Start your day off with a build up of TGU (Turkish Get Ups). Then we have a row for cals, dips, and more TGU’s.

Tuesday:  Another hero workout – “Tiff”.  Run/row, followed by C2B pullups, hang squat cleans and push press.

Wednesday: Get your grip ready!! We have a bar hang with a run/row and pushups.  Great finisher of squats, KB swings, step-ups, and v-ups.

Thursday:  Strength Day! Part A Deadlift 1 RM. Part B, farmer carry, box jumps, toe 2 bell, doubles and […] Read more

The Mod Squad – Yoga Gear

The Mod Squad – Yoga Gear

How many different types of yoga mats can there be?

Any new sport often involves new gear and yoga isn’t any different.  Most yoga studios will have mats available for you to use, but if you don’t want to be on top of mat that everyone has been sweating on, then purchasing your own yoga mat is a must.  There are a wide variety of yoga mats out there and largely what you get will be based on personal preference.  Do you want a lot of cushion or very little.  Does the mat have enough grip to keep you from sliding off once […] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts: Dec 4  – Dec 8

CPM Week of Workouts: Dec 4 – Dec 8

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.


Monday:  We get started with a little row/run, plank and mountain climbers.  Part B has more rowing with shoulder 2 overhead, evil wheels, and finishing up with KB swings.

Tuesday: Get ready to get that heart rate up! We have double unders, pull-ups, squats and SPRINTS!

Wednesday:  Lots of barbell with a little bit of burpees.  Get ready to Beat dat Clock in Part B with 4 minute rounds of running and DT (deadlifts, hang power cleans and push jerk). This will be fun!!

Thursday:  Part A we are […] Read more

The Mod Squad – Good Foundations

The Mod Squad – Good Foundations

Let’s talk feet…

Now I know that sometimes feet can cause a major ewww factor for some people but power through this because the end result will be worth it.  Today we are talking about two of our most important appendages and some ways we can start to treat them right.  We don’t always put as much focus on our feet in yoga as we probably do on our other body parts, but there is definitely more we can do to help these guys out!

I have had a couple of people ask me recently for yoga moves to help sore feet […] Read more

The Mod Squad…and breathe

The Mod Squad…and breathe

Inhale, Exhale, what was I doing again?

Today we are taking the Mod Squad way back to basics. We are all about breathing. Breathing is something we do all day, everyday without even thinking much about it.  That is until we get to our yoga class.  As a teacher I always try to get my class focused and conscious of their breathing before we even start moving into poses. What does focusing on our breathing even mean?

Often we connect movement to our breath in an attempt to help us be aware of our body and what we are doing and how […] Read more

A Mod Squad Special Announcement!

A Mod Squad Special Announcement!

Get ready to elevate your yoga!

When I first started doing the Mod Squad videos, my primary goal was to try and help as many people as I could.  Yoga can be intimidating and I wanted to make sure people felt like yoga was accessible to them and beneficial as well (there is a method to all my yoga madness).  The videos are doing just that!  I really love and enjoy the feedback I have received, but it still feels like something is missing.  And what might that be you ask, well the personal touch!

I want to be able to talk, […] Read more

The Mod Squad – Pyramid

The Mod Squad – Pyramid

Fun with yoga shapes!

Pyramid is on my list of poses that I like to regularly incorporate into class.  It partners so nicely with Triangle pose and really allows you to get a great lower body stretch.

I love that Pyramid is the perfect pose for props, and I actually think you get more from this stretch by adding them.  So what are you waiting for?  Check out the video and start letting this amazing pose work for you!



It is time to bring some booze to your yoga practice!  That’s right, Wine Down Yoga is back!!  Look for more information to come, […] Read more

The Mod Squad – Let’s Stretch!

The Mod Squad – Let’s Stretch!

Help me move again!

I really enjoy Bring a Friend Week at CPM.  I love getting to see the new faces and new energy coming into the gym.  Plus it is always fun the see members coaching and cheering on friends and family as they navigate through these new workouts.

While these new workouts are fun and exciting, they can also help us find some muscles we didn’t know could get sore.  I want everybody to get the most out of this week and keep coming back so today’s video is designed to stretch our whole body and get us ready to […] Read more

The Mod Squad – Bridge

The Mod Squad – Bridge

Great multipurpose move!


I really like to think I am a multi-tasker.  Nevermind all the articles that say trying to do more than one thing at a times means you don’t do anything well, I am always on the look out for ways to get more out of my time.  Lucky for me and all my fellow multi-taskers out there, this weeks Mod Squad pose is the perfect way to get the most out of your stretching.

Bridge is a great pose to stretch your hip flexors and quads, but it also a great way to build some strength in your hamstrings, […] Read more

The Mod Squad – Back to School

The Mod Squad – Back to School

Getting ready to get back to school!

It’s that time of year with kids heading back to school, help them get in on the yoga fun with this quick little flow to get kids moving after a busy day at school.  It is a great chance to help kids start to stretch after sitting all day!


Saturday yoga is definitely the place to be! Come join some super cool people and get your sweat on in a new and fun way!

Don’t forget the special FIT Family workout this Saturday at 9:30 a.m. and support a great cause.  The workout not for you…come […] Read more

The Mod Squad – Superman

The Mod Squad – Superman

Summer of being super!


Summer is a great time to play around and try new things.  The weather is warm, the grass is nice, and we all get the urge to be a little childlike sometimes.  Sometimes that play can come with injuries and today’s move is a great one to get your back ready for anything.


I love this stretch because it really is customizable to where you are right now.  It also allows you to stretch your whole back (and get some shoulder work in too).  Back pain is probably the most common issue I hear about so make move […] Read more

The Mod Squad – Summer Series

The Mod Squad – Summer Series

Yoga for Yardwork!

It is the time of year when we have get out in the yard and work, but don’t let an injury take you out and keep you from enjoying Summer!  This week’s video has some great stretches to do before and after getting your hands dirty.



The Summer Series is just getting started so stay tuned for some great yoga you can do anywhere and for just about any activity.  What summer fun would you like to see some yoga for?


Don’t forget about Saturday yoga now at 9:30 at the Western Mall!  We are having so much fun you […] Read more