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Stet’s Final Post

Well CPM, this last month flew by.  It’s hard to believe that this will be the last blog post I write as Coach Stets.  Angela and I have experienced a wide range of emotion over this past month.  The overwhelming majority of which is thankfulness.  I am thankful to have spent a bit more than a year being part of this community of driven individuals who are interested in improving themselves, and seeing those around them improve as well.  You’ve all encouraged me, supported me, and pushed me to get better.  And I can’t remember a time when I’ve been […] Read more

The Three Compartments of Fitness

When I think of my fitness level, I compartmentalize it into three categories.  My goal then is to fill (improve) all 3 compartments simultaneously.  If one of the compartment is lower, then I fill it twice as much until it is as full as the others.  Any guesses what the 3 compartments are?

We’ll talk about it, but before we do, lets look at fitness in general.  How do we define fitness?  The model that makes the most sense to me is what is a person’s work capacity?  Look at the graph below and you’ll see a plot with power on […] Read more

The Concept of Unweighting

Last week during Friday’s clean & jerk ladder workout I finally grasped something I had learned about a year or so ago.  I coached the noon class, and it was full of strong people who have also been CPM members for a while.  As I watched everyone performing the clean & jerks (which there were lots of) something clicked in my mind about moving weights.  One person made the clean & jerk look effortless, and obviously so.  What struck me wasn’t that the person’s strength was powering the barbell around their body, but rather that the person was using their […] Read more

The Age of Quantified Self

How do we know if all the things recommended to us are worth our time or not?  My social media feed is bombarded with noise, largely advertising specifically targeted at me and what “the cloud” thinks I want and/or need.  Is yours the same?  I largely ignore a vast portion of this advertising primarily due to something in banking known as the principal-agent problem, or rather the separation of an agent’s interests and those of their client.  Likely those selling us products are more interested in our money than our betterment.  Rare is the product or service that the creator adamantly […] Read more

Stets Says Goodbye to CPM

This is a challenging blog post to write, because in about a month I’ll no longer coach here at CPMFITness.  As of right now, my last day is slated to be April 3.  An unplanned for and unanticipated opportunity arose and Angela and I have chosen to pursue it.  Being a coach is a unique career, and probably the only one in which you get to write your resignation letter via a blog post.  I have truly loved my time here at CPM, and I’d like to share now some of the things that have made me happy over the past […] Read more

Don’t Forget About The Long Slow Walk

It’s going to come as no surprise that I love the gym.  I like to exercise and get my daily workout (even one with burpees if I must).  The gym is great, but what about other exercise?  Surprisingly, I have grown to appreciate the long, slow walk as another form of exercise.  However, this one is more mental exercise.  Perhaps even something more.

I’ve read various estimates about how far our ancestors walked daily (between 4 and 10 miles), and I can’t help but wonder if all this walking is something that could be beneficial for us today.  To be clear, […] Read more

Your Comfort Zone is Variable

I catch myself avoiding trying new stuff or pushing my boundaries.  My mind is happy to live inside my comfort zone, and I wonder why this is.  Usually, I think it has something to do with my mind’s self serving interest in keeping me alive.  There existed a time when getting outside the comfort zone meant real danger, and a likely chance for my untimely demise.  Though this threat is existent in today’s world, it is rarer in form than several hundred or thousand years ago.

What do I mean by comfort zone exactly.  Perhaps I should clarify.  Imagine a circle. […] Read more

What Are Your Expectations?

Ever listened to a podcast?  I’ve known about them for a while, but never thought to give them a try.  Then technology made it easier for me to do so by allowing the pairing of my phone with my car stereo.  That, coupled with the annoying amount of advertising played on local radio forced me to explore other auditory entertainment.  I tried podcasts, and have stumbled upon a few that are most entertaining.

One in particular is called Invisibilia.  This podcast’s aim is to

Explore the tangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.

I’ve been enamored […] Read more

Methodical Madness

Have you ever wondered how the CPM coaches come up with workouts?  Is there a plan?  Do we try them out beforehand?  What’s the strategy?  As with most things, programming workouts is best kept simple (my opinion) and as random as possible.  Let me share with you some of my philosophy, and please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Anyone Can Program a Workout

But I’ve found that it’s more of an art form than a hard science.  Hard “laws” give way to heuristics and common sense.  I’ve visited gyms in the past few years and one […] Read more

H20 Does Lots For Your Body

We all know water is important.  Is it a base human understanding that we should be drinking water daily?  I think that it must be.  One of those rules-of-thumb passed down through the centuries.  Present day, water has some competition.  There are sodas, shakes, juices, water impostors, sports drinks, coffees, and the adult beverage.  Water was around long before any of these liquids were, and all of these contain water, in varying degrees.  Water will be around after some (or hopefully most) of these have faded.

So why is it important to stay hydrated?  What benefit does it have?  We’ve all […] Read more