Avoid the Flu With These Helpful Tricks This Season…


It is inevitable every year we hear the term “Flu Season”. We have co-workers, family members, friends, coughing, sneezing, hacking right in front of us. Their are so many viruses, germs, and allergies going around how do we build our immune system to protect us from this?

Here are 5 Key Components that will really help keep you feeling good:


As if getting enough sleep on a normal basis isn’t hard enough, you need more zzz’s when you’re feeling under the weather. When you’re tired, or run down it is difficult for your body to fight off germs. Make sure to get @ least 8 hours of shut eye, so your body can work like a well oiled machine!

2. Eat Your Way to Healthy!

Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables supports your immune system. Phytonutrients in them along with grass-fed and pastured meat/poultry/seafood high in vitamins and minerals, can play a dramatic role in your overall immune health year-round.  During flu season and beyond, be sure to drink plenty of non-chlorinated, fluoride-free water, this will help to flush out the toxins too.

3. Drink Natural Immune Boosters

One thing that has really saved me from getting the full blown flu is a product called Kombucha ( I really enjoy the brand synergy), it has live probiotic which helps detox the body and it has active enzymes and aminos to keep your immune system strong.

4. Workout

Get those sweats on and break a sweat! Working out regularly enhances immune function and allows you to release some of those toxins in your body naturally!

5. Smile and Keep a Positive Attitude

Our Attitude can play a HUGE role in how we feel. If we surround ourselves by happiness, positive thinking, and pleasurable behaviors we will be more apt to boost our immune system! So don’t wallow in self pity about how “bad” you are feeling go out and focus on the  great gifts you have to be thankful for!

Now you have some great tips to follow when you start feeling a little under the weather!

What are some of your favorite remedies CPM’ers?

Post your answers in the comments below….


The O-Board Says…

For total Reps…
5 min of Wall Walks/HS Hold/Plank
4min: Walking Goblet Lunges
3min: Burpee to Plate
2min: SDLHP w/KB
1min: Toe To Bar

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