Back to Our Reguraly Scheduled DEETS…

Next Supplement Pre-Order and TShirt Savings! (Next Order is Wed the 18th)

Its time for next supplement pre order of fish oil, recovery and protein powders and this time we are throwing in a little perk for our last pre order of the year… When you purchase $50 or more within this pre-order you can pick up our next legit CPM Tshirt for 25% off!

Sign up board is in the changing room. We will be placing the order next Wednesday Dec 18th.

Coach’s Development Academy (CDA) Info Night

WHEN: Monday December 16th
TIME: 7:45p – 8:15p

We wrote a quick intro about this in LAST WEEK’S DEETS.

At the info night we will cover: The overall goals of the program, program description, pre-requisites, entry requirements, participation requirements, and Q & A.  Email me at to reserve your spot.

The Jump Ropes are in!

Pick them up with Annie, Stets or myself.

The O-Board Says…

A. In teams of 2:
6x300m Row
(*1 partner rows 300m while the other partner holds a handstand)
(*if the handstand stops, the rower must stop)

B. AMRAP 10 minutes:
25 situp
35 double unders

Post by Chris.