Be Courageous Enough


A wise friend of mine once said the reason it is so uncomfortable to move forward when you don’t know where you are going is that we rely so much on the comfort of what we know instead of embracing the path we don’t.

John Maxwell said complete the tasks that you don’t want to do most; first!

Those tasks are the typically the ones that will make us grow the most, but be the most challenging.

I know for me personally when I accomplish the big things first I have so much more clarity and feel so much better about myself!

I read this quote from Kris Carr’s site and I thought you would all enjoy it as well.

“If we don’t move forward and take a step out of our comfort zone, we can never accomplish all the wonderful opportunities that are on the road ahead”.

So my New Year’s Resolution is to do something uncomfortable everyday. This can represent a lot of different avenues. Some days will be big leaps and others will be baby steps but they will both move me forward each day.

I know there will be so many fun, exciting, and eye-opening experiences if I just put one foot in front of the other and move forward!

I hope you take the challenge and continue to grow into the fabulous individuals you all know you can be!

The O-Board Says…

A. EMOTM for 10 min
Snatch + OHS

B. 2 Rounds for time:
800m Run
20 Pullups (strict)
*20 OverHead Squat
*every 5 OHS do a Snatch

Posted by: Annie