Be More Become More

” If you want to be more you have to become more”  – Ed Mylett

I’m reading a great book now by Eric Thomas called “The Secret to Success”. In one of the chapters he discusses how you have to change and grow as a person to achieve greatness. You can’t just change your environment and expect to be happy and successful.

So recently I saw the quote above and it hit me like a ton of bricks. How do I expect to get to where I want to be in life by staying comfortable and never working on the inside?

When we were living in Los Angeles, it was not the happiest of times in my life. Chris used to ask me what you could do to make me happier? I would always give him superficial answers or just simply say nothing.

I used to always want to get back to the happiness I felt when we lived Sioux Falls from 2009 – 2011. I had told myself it was my environment that was keeping me from my happiness. The problem with this thinking was creating places, money, and possessions as my desire and focus for happiness was never going to make me happy.

Instead, I needed to focus on growing on the inside or simply asking myself the simple questions “What is happiness mean to me”? What do I need in order to be happy?

If I would have done this early on I would have quickly realized it wasn’t my circumstances it was “me” that was making me unhappy. When we decided to move back to Sioux Falls in July I was a giddy school girl.

Finally I would attain the “happiness” I had eagerly been anticipating for the past 2 years. My quality of life definitely improved, but I was still not filled with the ultimate happiness I once felt.

That’s when it hit me!

I had  put people, circumstances, and beliefs in front of me which was keeping me from true happiness; and I had lost my love for myself.

I decided in order to be happy I had to make a change. Each day I would (and do) start with devotions, 10 things I love about myself, and listen to great leaders who I want to emulate my growth and business growth after.

What do you know, the more I surround myself with my goals, vision, dreams, and positive people in my life, the better person I am becoming and the happier I am and will ultimately be.

So CPM’ers I challenge you to grab a sheet of paper and a pen and list what you ultimately want from life (paint a pretty picture) and now fill in how and what you are going to do to achieve it!

The O-Board Says…

600 Run
60 Wall Ball
400 Run
40 Wall Ball
300 Run
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20 Wall Ball
100 Run

Posted by: Annie