Be the Be…

I heard this term quite a few years ago (2005 to be exact) at a personal development seminar. I was hearing what they were saying but I wasn’t ready listen to what they were saying until recently, then it HIT ME!

The term, “Be the Be”, refers to what type of person you need to become (on the inside) to actually get to where you want to go (on the outside).

I wrote a post almost 2 years ago, ACT AS IF, discussing you have to act like the future successful person you are trying to become.

If your goal is to become the top sales person in your company, with that title in hand… How many calls are you making a day? How many appointments do you have each week? How many deals do you close each month? 

If your goal is to be in great shape (double body weight back squat, have a six pack, run a 5 minute mile); With those goals accomplished… What does your weekly workout schedule look like? What does a typical day look like of your eating?

If you begin to act like that future person you are trying to become then you will eventually become that person. Sounds simple right? More like easy in theory, hard in reality.

“Be the Be” digs deeper. More than mirroring the activity of your future successful self you have to work on the inside to produce the outside.

“Be the Be” focuses on what is going on in your head and your heart to get you were you want to go. If you want your goals to be permanent rather than temporary you need to work FROM THE INSIDE TO OUTSIDE .


Your brain makes your body move. The stronger your mentality is when life gets hard, or your get fearful, you will still do what it takes to move forward no matter the obstacle(s). You develop a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and nothing can stop you!

When we focus on “Be the Be” we are concentrating on how that person thinks, feels and behaves. What it’s going to take for us to become that person is where the truth lies. We must understand and develop the level of energy, commitment, attitude and perseverance it is going to take for us get us to our goal(s). For example, if we were to just look at what TIGER WOODS ACTIVITY is everyday, that can be a daunting task and just by thinking about it, can defeat us right away. But when work on developing the drive that it is going to take, the determination we must have and the obstacles we must overcome in order to be this person. The activity will then become a by-product of this person we are developing into.

Start to find out how to develop a champions mindset and you will automatically begin to act in that manner.


1. Find one of your role models and learn all you can about them, how did they grow up, what it took for them to become this person that they are, what were they successes, setbacks, lessons they learned, what drives them to be better, etc… 

-If it is a celebrity or pro athlete I’m sure they have a book written about them or you can find lots of information to study about them. 

-If it is someone you know personally, take them out to eat and pick their brain with the similar questions. 

2. Any comments? Post below:-)