Behind the Scenes @CPMFITness

Behind the Scenes @CPMFITness

Last week I had the pleasure to sit down with a SDSU student in a FITness Facility Management Class. It is always great to have the opportunity to get interviewed when you are always the interviewer. These kinds of sit down’s are great for me to get an outside perspective on how we are doing our job to find any opportunities for growth or if we are missing anything.

I thought it would be great to share the questions and (actual) answers I gave to take a “behind the scenes” look on how we operate, if things have changed and where we are going in the future!

    1. What are the hardest things about managing a fitness facility?
      Managing other people. Hustling and grinding yourself is one thing and takes a TON of commitment. Leading, Teaching and Inspiring others takes commitment to a whole new level!!
    2. What are the greatest obstacles you face as a Co-private business owner?
      Building our Brand and protecting it. Our CPM reputation is critical to success in business growth and development.
    3. What does a typical day look like for you?
      Each day has a different theme with determines the timing of when I execute a task, but in general a day looks like…
      AM = Personal Training/Workout, Following Up with client/prospects
      MID = Coaching a Class(es)/Workout, Current Project or Meeting
      PM = Coaching a Class(es), Meeting or Follow Up’s.
    4. What does a typical day look like for the other coaches?
      They focus on 3 specific things…
      a. Coaching; (Personal Training or Group Trainng)
      b. Sales and Marketing; meeting with a future client, social media or prospecting for a future client.
      c. Personal FITness; workout, mental FITness with researching or educating themselves.
    5. What are things you look for in employees?
      Hungry, Humble, SMART, and Congruent with the CPM message.
    6. What is the best way to get the cooperation of the members to respect and properly utilize the equipment and facility in a manner that keeps the equipment and facility in good and proper shape?
      Be congruent, Give them love an respect, Ask them upfront
    7. What are things you and the co-owner or other coaches do to keep up to date on the latest workout craves especially in the group workout classes? 
      Lots of Research (Reading, Podcast, Webinars, Masterminds) and Collaborating in Meetings. Personally hiring other coaches to learn through practice.
    8. How do you invest in new and more diverse equipment?  
      Through research and keeping our thumb on the pulse of the gyms needs.
    9. What is something unique about your facility?
      We blend Personal Training and Group Training together. Most gyms focus on one or the other. Or they keep them totally separate. The magic is complimenting them both together!
    10. Do you have any safety issues that concern you the most?
      No. I can’t remember the last time we had an issue. Oh wait, it was 2012 (the gym I was at in California and someone tripped over a med ball doing an overhead squat. He dislocated his shoulder and the coach and I on the floor was able to slip it back into place before the paramedics came. Good news everything turned out fine and he made a speedy and FULL recovery.
    11. What schooling did you need to get your job?
      It depends on the applicant. We look at the FULL picture when considering someone to coach for us.The type of person we look for are how confident they are, competent they are and how Credible they would be to fit into the community and culture of CPM. We do have an internship called CDA (Coaches Development Academy) to run people through the ringer to ensure they can meet the standards:)
    12. What is the best part of your job?
      The people! I associate my job to the old TV show “Cheers” (LINK). Everyday I get to be around like minded people. They are excited to come to the gym, they are working towards a common goal, they all have a similar type of character with HIGH integrity!
    13. What is the most challenging part of your job?
      Managing energy and stress. Helping others takes a lot out of the person giving it. Over the years I’ve learned my limits, how to build my capacity with giving, how to re-fuel my motivational tank, how to build more value and then how to learn how to share that value with others. It is very easy to push really hard and give a lot because you do receive a ton back. But because it is exciting, fun and motivating you can give too much too often and you can run out of gas.
    14. How do you get clients and keep them coming back?
      Focus on 1 client at a time. Our industry (premium gym business) is not about how fast and how many people you can get into a class. It is about how LONG you can retain a client. We are in the relationship business. This is not a get rich quick business or FITness program. It is a get FIT 4 Sure… 4 Life! I constantly (pseudo obsessively) develop myself and our coaches. The better we become the better we find the right type of people and keep them for the long haul.
    15. Do you have an orientation program for new employees? Members?
      Yes. For Members; In the past we did a Free Week Trial of Classes. Now, we vet (screen and meet) every person that walks in our doors. We build the relationship first. Get to know their wants, goals and needs. We personalize the intake process and have a LEGIT fundamentals program to get each person equipped and ready to play in the amazing group classes we have. Personal Training is 1st and gets people in-shape. Group Training is 2nd and Keeps people in shape for the long haul!
    16. How do you revaluate you current members health status? 
      Depends on the members goals and needs. Typically weekly, monthly or quarterly.
    17. Does your facility have child care services?
      We do not.

The O-Board Says…

A. EMOTM 10min
1 Front Squat + 2 Back Squats

B. For Time:
Overhead Squats
Box Jumps
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