The CPM Community

The CPM Community

Friday Night Lights Was More Than a Workout

Friday Night Lights was a commitment. I was taking time away from my family to spend even more time at CPM. It’s tough. As a mom, I feel that pull to constantly be with my kids BUT this event was important to me. My goal is to build a solid community at CPM. A place where you are comfortable, meet people you can rely on and gain lifelong friends with similar goals.

I heard this on a podcast this week:

We are on social media all of the time but we are more isolated than ever. 

Wow, that comment hit me hard. Does 500 friends on Facebook mean you really have 500 friends? When is the last time you spent time with one of these “friends?”

If you didn’t do Friday Night Lights this year, I would strongly encourage you to consider it next year. Put yourself out there. You aren’t on display. Do you feel like everyone is watching you? We all have that feeling but it truly isn’t the case! It’s easy to be self-conscious and afraid to fail. We all go through that but if you never give a try, how will you ever know just how awesome you can be? Afraid you will get hurt? This is no different than a workout. Talk to your coach! If they haven’t helped you learn how to scale yet, now is the time!

I can’t thank all of you enough for being a part of my life. You are a big reason as to why I am motivated every morning ❤️

18.5… the 7 minute Soul Crusher

7 Minute Ladder
Thrusters (100/65)
C2B Pull-Ups

7 minutes doesn’t seem like a very long time until you are in the middle of a thruster and pull-up ladder. Here are my thoughts:

  • I wanted to attempt the C2B pull-ups but they are HARD for me. If you’ve never done actual chest to bar pull-ups, you really can’t understand the difference a couple more inches on your pull makes. Try it. You will find out quickly why several of the people doing this workout ended up doing chin over the bar pull-ups. So I wanted to go with C2B but decided to get a better workout I would do chin over bar pull-ups. Add C2B pull-ups to my list of things to get better at before next year!
  • Kudos to those that continued with C2B pull-ups the entire time. You guys are rockstars!
  • The thrusters were easy for me. 65 pounds is a doable weight. I broke some of them up but honestly never got too worked up over them. I think 100 pounds for the guys was a bigger challenge.
  • Overall the workout was a good test of lifting and gymnastics in a short workout. I loved it!


The Oboard Says..
A. 10 min E2MOM:
3 Power Snatch
3 Overhead Squats
B. 10 min E2MOM:
15 Overhead Squats
Max Double Unders
Posted by: Emily