Being Healthy is the Reward ….

I had a great discussion with Chris last night in regards to nutrition and rewards.

Many of our clients will come to us two weeks, a month, maybe even three months in, and  ask the infamous question ….

“I am completely Paleo, and I am not seeing any results”….

My first thought (and mostly the case) is that these people are not eating as “Paleo Perfect” as they think!

They automatically assume that since they are not eating bread and dairy they are 100% Paleo…. WRONG!

Typically I have a client bring in a week’s worth of food logging and 99% of the time they are not as Paleo as they believe.

So it got my husband and I on a great discussion as to why people believe that they should be rewarded in some way for eating healthier or bettering themselves.

Isn’t the reward the fact that you look great, feel great, sleep great, and have way more energy than before (just to name a few things that Paleo will help you with)?

Why as a society in general do we feel that we should be rewarded for being healthy?

Isn’t getting healthy the reward?

How much better would the world be if we “rewarded” ourselves with beneficial foods that taste delicious and lead us on the path of long-term health and wellness!

Think about all the health problems that would diminish if we changed our mindset just a little bit. Instead of reaching for ice cream for dessert we reached for frozen bananas.

Or going out to dinner with friends consisted of a burger without the bun and salad with olive oil and vinegar.

These are very simple tweaks that lead to long-term results and success! Not only will your body look the best it has in years, the inside of your body will far exceed the benefits!

So Fit Ones do not think that you  are some group of elitist that should feel entitled or rewarded for eating and living a healthier lifestyle!

Instead, make your reward be the incredible benefits you will receive from living this lifestyle day in and day out!

The O-Board Says…

A. Every 2min for 10min
3 snatch deadlifts
2 hang snatchs
1 Overhead Squat

B. 1 Round for Time
800m run
20 Pwr Snatch
800m run

Posted by: Annie