Being Vulnerable

Being Vulnerable

Putting Yourself Out There

I’m afraid of failure. Most of us are, right? We don’t like to take on a task, project, business venture or competition unless we know we can succeed. But some people are better at taking risks than others. Why is that?

Let’s look at working out. It’s just a workout but there are people in every gym (ours included) that HATE to lose. They may even stretch their reps or cut reps just to win. That must be a challenging life to live. I heard from a few members that they didn’t participate in a competition or event because they are too competitive and couldn’t handle losing. Really? My first thought is “who do you think you are fooling?” Pretty much everyone in the gym knows the ability of the other members. So why not put yourself out there and enjoy it?

I can live with losing in a workout. Heck, I’ve even had the worst score for the entire day on the board before. Do I hate myself for it? Absolutely not. I’m real. I have physical weaknesses and if you tell me you don’t…. well, I don’t believe you.

But what about the other areas of life? Work, parenting, life in general. Are you afraid to fail in those areas too? Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I start to worry about my kids, my job, retirement and so on. I’m 40, where am I going with my career? If only it was as easy for me to throw myself out there with work as it is with workouts. Risk takers. Aren’t they the ones that usually succeed?

I would love to hear your stories of success, failure and risk. Next time you see me at the gym, please share your experiences with me!

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The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Push Press

Part B:
4 Rounds for Time:
30 Ring Push-Ups
10 Front Squat (115/85)
10 Push Press (115/85)
30 Sit-Ups