CPM’s Guide to the “Winner’s Mindset”

CPM’s Guide to the “Winner’s Mindset”

What separates the winners from the losers, is that winners accept that there are no shortcuts to success. Equipped with hard work, sweat, and consistency, the most effective tools for success, winners do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Achieving success in CPMFITness comes down to the decisions that we make on a daily basis. These, in turn, become our habits. Gain insight into the habits of winners, so that you can turn even smallest of efforts into success.

Set Your Goals and Take Action

Goal-Setting is the single most important skill to acquire when it comes to creating healthy exercise habits. It is here that you will determine which direction you want to go, and more importantly how you will get there. Remember that a goal without direction is just a wish.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, shed some stubborn body fat, squat snatch, bar muscle-up or learn how to do a handstand, CPMFITness will be by your side each step of your journey!

Here is a CPM approved checklist to effective goal-setting:

Are your goals written in pen and paper?
How will you measure your progress?
How realistic is your goal?
Why is this goal important to you?

Enter Dedicated Exercise Time Into Your Schedule

While Goal-Setting is the most important skill, I have to be honest with you… It is NOT the hardest skill. Action and execution could be the biggest challenge to your success.

I get it! Life can get busy at times between work, meetings, or anything that life has to throw your way. Don’t allow your busy lifestyle to interfere with your training. Take your newly set goals and set aside the time to honor your commitment to yourself.

While we often find that we are too busy to workout, this very issue leads to a poor quality of life down the road. Following a structured workout plan can help keep you accountable with your training routine. Work with your coach to develop a simple, consistent and committed schedule and you will see, feel and reap the benefits!

Track Your Progress Along the Way

Progress is a powerful motivator for change. With lack of progress resulting in the opposite. It also important to remember that progress often occurs in gradual, often unnoticeable increments that add up to major improvements in strength, flexibility, or body composition in the long run.

With tracking progress it’s important to identify what is REALLY important to you. And understanding there are multiple ways to track progress. Let’s say you lost two lbs last week. This measly two lbs may seem negligible at first, but with the continuous effort, you could potentially lose 24lbs in the course of 3 months. Or maybe the scale hasn’t moved much in the last couple of months but your pants are getting looser or your strength has significantly increased!

Not only does tracking your progress keep you motivated, but it also serves as a journal of what works best for you. If your workout routine yields progress, then keep doing what is most effective. If you are not making progress then it’s time to meet with a coach and go back to the drawing board.

Strength Your Social Support System

Social support is your ultimate tool for keeping yourself accountable with your training. Luckily for us, CPMFITness is TOP NOTCH in this category. Many things in life are even more fun with a friend. You can find social support through many different mediums; such as working with one of our coaches individually, working out in our group classes, or even joining our different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

The O-Board Says…

A. Polar Bear Complex BreakUP
*every 2:30min new set*

B. In 16 minutes…
200m Run
20 Power Cleans
20 STO
20 Back Squats
200m Run
Max Bar Facing Burpees
* Scored by max Burpees

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