Make the Most of Your Life CPM’ers

Make the Most of Your Life CPM’ers

A good family friend of mine passed away from cancer recently. He was 58 years old (too young to die) and left 4 children behind. I feel when someone passes away it makes you reflect on your own life. You start to reminisce about the memories shared and look ahead to what the future holds. You start to ask yourself the questions,

“How much life do we have left to live?”

“Are we doing what we want if we knew tomorrow was our last?”

These are always hard deep questions to ask one’s self, and sometimes the answers are just as complex! If […] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts: May 15 – 19

CPM Week of Workouts: May 15 – 19

When You Feel Like
Think About Why You


Monday: (Strength Day) We open the week with a Push Press 3-RM followed by 4-rounds for time of SDLHP, Push Press and Back Squats. Sounds like a fantastic start to the week!

Tuesday: Partner Day! 25-min AMRAP of deck squats, KB swings, ball slams and running. I think you’re all going to dig this format:-)

Wednesday: I think this might be my favorite workout yet! 3-rounds for time of front rack lunges, burpees, front squats, toes to bar and power cleans. You don’t want to miss this mid-week killer! 

Thursday: (Strength Day) Part A: Deadlifts […] Read more

Blame It On The Rain, Not The Workout

Blame It On The Rain, Not The Workout

The Blame Game

You might be surprised to hear that people like to blame their lack of results on the gym. It’s true and I hear stuff like this all of the time:

The workouts are making me bulk up
The workouts are ineffective
I’m not losing weight because we don’t lift enough
I’m not losing weight because we don’t do enough cardio

You get the point. So there are 168 hours in a week and you are spending 2-6 hours each week at CPM. During this small amount of time we are making you bulk up and gain weight? It has nothing to do with […] Read more

Happy Mother’s Day from CPM …

Happy Mother’s Day from CPM …

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate your mother than with a homemade gift with love!

These gifts are perfect to keep her feeling healthy and happy this Mother’s Day!

Here are my top 3 gifts that keep giving … from KDLT Watch it Now and here is the step-by-step just in case …

#1 Nuts About You Jars – Take small mason jars and put chalk board stickers on the front and write any fun loving message to your mom .. For example I wrote ” I am nuts about you mom” … or “Happy Mother’s […] Read more

The CPMFITness Story…

The CPMFITness Story…

One of the BIGGEST questions I seem to get continually is…

“What does CPM stand for?”

Yeah, yeah… Christopher Paul Mello… Well technically no.

Technically… Courage Potential Motivation

But really its much more. CPM embodies everything that Annie and I have learned, given and our evolution over the last (almost) 17 years! It’s been a wild ride and I wouldn’t trade it for anything or anyone.

We’ve recently started a podcast, MarriageFIT, and the 1st Episode covers exactly this topic.

What is MarriageFIT: Real Priorities in your life discussed from a 3-way perspective: Male | Female | Couples

Objective: Commitment to is key to success in all areas of […] Read more

Stop Proving and Start Living CPM …

Stop Proving and Start Living CPM …

I am in a bible study and the book that we are working on is called “Proven” by Jennie Allen ….

It is a great study that digs deep into why we don’t need to “Prove” anything to anyone, and how living in “prove” mode is detrimental to your health and wellness.

This bible study has been very life altering for me. My whole life I have made my drive within about proving to others, my family, friends etc how hardworking I am. How in shape I am in, how determined I am ..

and It’s exhausting physically and mentally!

Stop living in […] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts: May 8 – 12

CPM Week of Workouts: May 8 – 12

Your Health is an
Not An Expense


Monday: I hope you had a great weekend getting your vitamin D fix 🌞  and celebrating Cinco De Mayo!  Thinking a little mobility and gymnastics is exactly what the doctor ordered😉  Join us today for bar work followed by 5-rounds for time of rope climbs, ring dips and v-ups. 

Tuesday: (Strength Day) Part A: Snatch 5-RM followed by a cardio blaster of running, hang snatch and burpees over barbell. Sounds like a few of you have figured out that I like burpees ❤️

Wednesday: Mid-week fun with a 25-min AMRAP of SDLHP, Box Jumps, KB swings, Broad Jump […] Read more

Teaching Kids To Be Confident and Strong

Teaching Kids To Be Confident and Strong

Quick Diet Update…

I haven’t blogged about my diet for a couple weeks so I want to give you a quick update. I’ve started the first “cut” of the program. That means I’m cutting some calories out of my diet (mostly in the form of fat). How do I feel about that? Not good. In fact, I’ve been quite crabby. Egg whites and spinach in the morning with no coconut oil? NO THANKS! And to eat that when I’m starving after coaching 3 morning classes =

So I’m struggling. A few things I’ve learned:

I talk too much about dieting/eating right in […] Read more

The Mod Squad – Up Dog/Down Dog

The Mod Squad – Up Dog/Down Dog

These moves aren’t just for yoga!


Up Dog and Down Dog are great moves to incorporate into your everyday stretching routine.


Up Dog can be especially useful to open up the low back, something we all need after sitting for too long.  A couple of good points to remember:

1. Open up your chest and keep your shoulders away from your ears (this will help you get the most from the stretch).

2. Want to get a little deeper into the low back, try looking back over your shoulder.  Don’t rush the movement and challenge yourself to look back at your heel.


Down Dog is generally […] Read more

See the Light… Actually Go get Some!

See the Light… Actually Go get Some!

I like to get SALTY about my water… And I want everyone to do more then see the light!

Who wants to make some easy strength gains for no extra work?
How about STRONGER + Healthier Bones + have Better hormone levels??
And oh by the way burn more FAT with less effort!?!?

Well then get out of the office–> GO outside —> and get some Vitamin D.

It’s been shown that Vitamin D improves strength levels in athletes and people and you don’t have to look far to find a study to show it. Not only strength gains, but all sorts of other health benefits get involved […] Read more