Bring a Friend Week, CPM FIT Family, New Gym! WooHoo!

Bring a Friend Week, CPM FIT Family, New Gym! WooHoo!

CPMFITness Downtown Sioux Falls!
It’s coming soon! CPM 2.0 will be deep in the heart of downtown, located on Main Street between 9th and 10th. Be on the lookout for Grand Opening Party, dual membership availability, same great set-up with a new gym personality. Stay plugged in to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube where we will leak the latest CPM DTSF gym developments.

CPM FIT Family Workout 3.0
Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about all of the fabulous CPM families that joined us for our last FIT Family class. We will have another CPM Fit Family Workout in August. More info coming soon!

Bring a Friend Week Coming Soon!
Get ready to bring your friends with you to the gym. We will have a Bring A Friend Week in August just in time for you to bring your friends to CPM in the Western Mall and CPM Downtown Sioux Falls! Watch for more details in the Friday DEETS and the August newsletter.

Reflections by Mother Plucker
My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFITness.

1. I started with jump squats on the Monday leg blaster workout. I tried to box jumps after the jump squats and my legs WOULD NOT MOVE! Never have I had that happen before. It was insane. I can relate to this girl. Click HERE.

2. I’m pretty sure the bear complex was the actual workout on Tuesday. My partner and I had a blast though. LOVED IT!

3. 5 strict pull-ups, 10 times = I need to lose 15 pounds! GRRR!!

4. Speaking of strict pull-ups, check out this lady. Click HERE. I don’t believe that she is 60 years old. No way.

The Oboard Says..
For Time:
Push Press (95/65)
Front Squats (95/65)
*EMOTM 5 Burpees
Posted by: Emily