Can a Chair Really Be That Bad For You?

In many of my yoga and CPM classes that I teach I am witnessed to the repercussions of a chair-born society!

I read an astounding quote the other day from COREPOWER Yoga that read over 50% of Americans have some sort of debilitating back injury.

Why is this?

Possibly because for at least 40 hours of our week we are stuck to a small piece of furniture that does nothing to improve our health!

Here is a great blog I found from Time Magazine on the Harmful effects of sitting in a chair.

It was shocking to see how living this sedentary lifestyle could literally be “killing you”.

The O-Board Says…

5 Rounds:
In 90 sec:
2 Deadlifts
200m Run
Max Box Jumps
Rest 90 sec’s

Posted by: Annie