Can’t Hardly Wait

Can’t Hardly Wait

The last few weeks of summer😎 are here. I have enjoyed the extra time with my kids. They make my heart❤ happy. We have had a summer packed full of activities with lots of new memories made. I have enjoyed the warm weather, the longer days and the outdoor time but I think I am ready for school to start. Why?

Disrupted routines. My kids are staying up later, eating more unhealthy snacks and spending way too much of their downtime on devices 📱. They seem to have forgotten which day of the week it is📆, how to flush a toilet 🚽 and what “we’ve got 15-minutes to get ready” means. I do believe kids need a break from school just like we as adults do with work but let’s face it we all do better with structure.

Quiet time. Alexa is the new queen of our house. Jam sessions🎶start first thing in the morning and continue all day/night. Not sure it was a good idea to have one on each level. I am excited to be able to think again without the lyrics of Cardi B in my head😳.

Sibling rivalry. My kids have definitely found each other’s trigger points. I am hoping that absence will make the heart grow fonder…they can’t really appreciate one another if they are always together.

So although the thought of August 22 may bring a little joy in my eyes😍, lightness in my heart and a skip in my step👣, there is one thing that can top it.

And thats…there are only 146 shopping days till Christmas!!!!🎄😁



A. Overhead Squat
(every 2 minutes)

B. 5-round for Time:
15 Wtd Squats (OHS or Back)
400 meter run

Posted by: Nicole