Caring for your Body is Smart NOT Selfish!

Caring for your Body is Smart NOT Selfish!

Get Rid of the Guilt

It’s 11:45 am on Sunday. My family just got home from church 45 minutes ago. I hate to admit this but I haven’t been done a very good job of getting my family to church lately. It seems as though we have a million things on our to-do list and waking up Sunday morning to write my blog and catch up with gym work seems easier than getting my family up early and ready for church. But something happened last week that made me decide it’s time to get back on track (thank you Missy for that ❤️ ). So here I am wondering what I should blog about…


I’m sitting on my porch feeling guilty because Macy wants me to do a craft with her. But I have work to do. And then I feel guilty because Steve wants me to do a WOD with him this afternoon to help prep him for the Festivus games. We might have time, I don’t know?? And I feel guilty because it doesn’t seem like I have spent enough time with Seth lately and he’s growing up so fast.

But I’ve been running around like a crazy lady and I need to take this time to get organized for the week. Last week was hectic. I ended up feeling sick by Friday after several early mornings, busier days than usual and eating whatever I could come across because I didn’t take the time to prep food for myself. My workouts were ok but not great as I felt as though I had to rush to complete every one of them. I’m running out of steam. Have you ever paid attention to the flight attendants when they tell you to “take care of yourself before you care for someone else” in the case of an emergency. I always thought that was funny. Yeah, I’m going to put my air mask on before I put one on my child. BUT it makes sense.

The same applies to eating and working out. It’s easy to feel guilty when taking time for yourself and spending money on yourself. Yes, we spend more money when we eat healthy meals. Yes, we spend money on a gym that provides accountability and awesome workouts. Yes, it requires us to put time into the meal prep and workouts. But it’s worth it. I need and want to be able to help my family when they need me and that requires me to be healthy and strong.

Missy told us last week that she believes God has been building her up for this moment. The moment where she needs to care for Trenton. She is strong mentally and physically and she’s ready to help him recover! That is the perfect example of what our family needs from us. Thank you Missy for helping me to get back on track ?



The O-Board Says…

Partner WOD

12 Sit-ups (P1)
12 KB Swings (P2)
12 Jumping Squats (P1)
6 Burpees (P2)
200m Run (P1)

•After P1 returns from run, P2 will start at sit-ups. Only one partner working at a time.