Competition Rundown

Competition Rundown

Hallow Hopper

This past weekend several of us from CPM traveled to Omaha for a Saturday competition at a super cool gym called Fit Farm. Court and Lisa were participating in the women’s RX division, Reed and Cory in the men’s RX division and Steve and Dave in the men’s scaled division.

I’ll start by saying that I’ve never been so happy to be watching a competition in my life. It was called the Hallow Hopper because they were pulling the workout options out of a hopper to decide the events. This caused a lot of repeats in movements like squatting […] Read more

Here Come the Kids!

Here Come the Kids!

The Anxiety is Setting In…

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been a little anxious these past couple weeks. My schedule is changing, I’ve decided to make myself busier and I’m nervous. I will be spending a lot more time with kids in July, both at CPM and in Canton. So I have to ask myself…

😯 How do I take my knowledge and apply it to kids?
đŸ€” What does a class with 7-10 years olds look like versus a class of 11-15 year olds?
đŸ˜” Will I be able to gain the respect and attention of the football team, wrestling team, all teams???
đŸ€“ […] Read more

The Mod Squad – Friday Night Lights Special!

The Mod Squad – Friday Night Lights Special!

Who’s ready for some amazing workouts!

It’s hard to believe the Crossfit Open is here again. Seems like we were just watching the games! The excitement around the announcements, workouts and clues is all over the place and the enthusiasm is contagious.  We have some amazing people competing and I thought what better way to keep everyone healthy and moving than a little yoga!

I put together a 10 minute flow to stretch our back, hips and shoulders (places we all seem to hurt ?). Now you can take as much time or as little time going through the movements as you like. […] Read more

The Evolution of the #bassUp

The Evolution of the #bassUp

Missy and Trenton Bass have been on my mind (and the minds of many) around CPM for the last week and a half. The accident that occurred has changed many lives especially those in the Bass household.

For more info on Trenton Bass’s story click HERE.


The #bassUp started as a fun way to scale UP workouts at CPM. For those of you that know Missy and have been fortunate to workout with her you would understand that Missy is as Strong and Conditioned as they come. She typically lifts more than the guys around her and runs circles […] Read more

Why “Friday Night Lights”??

Why “Friday Night Lights”??

With our Friday Night Lights starting in a few days something very good or something very bad can happen to you…

You can become motivated beyond what you ever thought possible.


You can fall into the Bermuda triangle of COMPARING yourself to others, their scores, begin to question your training and success you have had thus far. Falling victim to self sabotaging yourself.

Friday Night Lights is a way to provide context to your training and gives you purpose behind everything you have been working for in the gym day in and day out.


Competition can bring out the best in you. I fully believe that you can […] Read more

#get2thegym in January 2017

#get2thegym in January 2017

2017 is going to be your best FITness Year yet!


Our classes are the best! Our coaches are the best! And our members are the best!

Since July, we have incorporated Personal Training as our new method to onboard prospective clients into the gym… And it is going GREAT! Our fundamentals program has resulted in clients building a solid-trusting relationship with their coach, learning the mechanics + progressions to our complex movements, the terminology to our crazy acronyms, identifying their strengths and weaknesses to work on.

Our goal at CPMFITness is very simple:

Create a Fun + Effective + Sustainable program […] Read more

Exercise Your Gratitude

Wanna Give a Little Back This Holiday Season

Look, we know that you feel great about working out.  We’re proponents of seeking the best in our health and fitness.  That is one of our basic needs in life.  Another is giving back.  We’re giving you the opportunity to kill 2 needs with one trip to CPM!

We’re have a have a special workout on Saturday December 20th. This workout won’t count as a class, it will be in addition to all member’s regular classes. Cost for the class is $10 (cash or check only), and all monies will go to the Make […] Read more


We’ve incorporated a Sunday Yoga class for all of you avid Yogi’s among us!

First class begins SUNDAY June 8th from 3p – 4p.

The class will be instructed by one of our CPM certified instructors who have gone through our rigorous Yoga Teacher Training program. Each class will incorporate that instructors unique style and technique, while being the same great CPM Yoga you know and love! Join us on Sunday’s and improve how you move!

Each session focuses on opening areas that get stiff from our general CPMFIT routine, such as: shoulders, hips, quads, hamstrings, and more. This class is taught in […] Read more