The Doer’s and The Don’ters…

The Doer’s and The Don’ters…

There are 2 things that we have total control over to achieve anything and everything we want to reap out of life….

Our Attitude and Our Activity. 

They compliment each other. One feeds the other and take us to a level of excellence and world class living. They can also take from each other and deflate us down into a dark state of depression and inaction. Bottom line you need to feed and focus on both to determine where you life will go. You are where you are at today due to the history of every thought and every action you have […] Read more

What if Your Routine is the Enemy?

What if Your Routine is the Enemy?

Routine is only the enemy when you continue to NOT evolve. Your routines will lead you to your future (as the quote mentions above). The problem with routines is that everything works but only for so long. Life is continuing to move forward if you aren’t willing to change with the times you could end up being frustrated with your lack of results.

Sioux Falls had a great opportunity a few weeks ago to listen to a very unconventional yet very successful entrepreneur, Jesse Itzler, at a YPN event. Even though he has a different ways of achieving in […] Read more

“I Eat Pretty Well” … DO YOU???

“I Eat Pretty Well” … DO YOU???

“How is your nutrition?” – Me
“I eat pretty well” – Said by a lot of people

Your nutrition can be treated in 1 of 3 ways…

a. Objectively + Factually
b. Subjectively + Emotionally
c. And sometimes both at the same time

The more we deal with numbers and facts the more we can shift to the objective and realistic side. When we are vague and rely on how we are feeling, that can potentially lead us down a slippery emotional roller coaster state of mind.

Nutrition is a crazy thing. On the factual side we need to eat to live. We expend energy everyday. We must consume calories for that […] Read more

Summer Season Strategies… the Cravings Struggle Can Be Real!…

Summer Season Strategies… the Cravings Struggle Can Be Real!…

Is Summer really almost over?!?! This week’s SSS is something that was a lightbulb moment for in my nutrition journey personally and maybe even more so professionally…

I used to believe a few things about people that could not stick with the Paleo (Keto/Mediterrean/Macro’s, etc…) diet when they began training with us. I believed they lacked the discipline, willpower, commitment to be successful. I came from the mindset that if others can do it why can’t you?!

Since I’ve became more knowledgeable about nutrition, about willpower, habits and cravings I have started to uncover more of the truth as to why we crave […] Read more

Yeah Burpees …

Yeah Burpees …

A study that I came across in the NY Times, asked a dozen physiologists … what is the single best exercise for your body?

Low and Behold it was everyone’s favorite exercise…. The BURPEE!!

So rest assured when you do these wonderful exercise movements you are really doing a body good!

Here is the link to the article in the NY Times …. Check it out!

The next time you dread doing these wonderful exercises, remember your body is actually thanking you!

If you don’t know what a burpee is, here is a demonstration from a guy who liked them so much he did 100 in a […] Read more

Let Go

Let Go

I am writing this a week ahead of schedule. I should be packing but I am a little overwhelmed as tomorrow morning I depart to Washington, DC with about 80 soon to be 9th graders at BVHS.

As a self-confessed control freak, the thought of going with the flow has always been something that gets me anxious. While being a control freak is not necessarily a bad thing in all situations, if often gets in the way of me being present. Micromanaging every aspect of our life can be exhausting. And if you’re anything like me, you know exactly how tiring […] Read more

Why is it that people do NOT become FIT?

Why is it that people do NOT become FIT?

In a country like ours, with the opportunities that we have…
Why is it that so few people reach their health and fitness goals?
Why is America getting fatter every year?
Why are more and more people signing up at gyms but ending up quitting after a month or two?


I’m still meditating on this quote (LINK) Annie posted about last week. With that, check this 5 Top Ways that you may be sabotaging yourself and your habits. And for you FIT people think about those you care about you want to help and use this to help or guide […] Read more

Is Nutrition Really That Important?

Is Nutrition Really That Important?

I don’t believe that most people really understand the importance nutrition has to our overall health. Eating food is an activity most of us do at least three times a day. Logically, what we choose to put in our mouths can have an impact on our overall health. There is a famous saying “we are what we eat”, and when we really think about it logically it makes sense. If we are filling our body with poisonous chemicals, gmos, and other harmful bacteria how are we supposed to feel good and have our bodies work to the full capacity if we […] Read more

Confronting the Comfortable…

Confronting the Comfortable…

Success is a comfort awarded to those only willing to do the uncomfortable. Comfort is a stagnation. Growth requires a constant state of discomfort.

Well that sucks!… Well… Actually when you really understand this it can be empowering.

How can you want to be uncomfortable? How can you consistently put up with the ‘HARD’?

Here are 5 great tips from a (virtual) mentor of mine, Darren Hardy.

1. Do what you resist!
When giving a choice between (2) options pick the one with most resistance.
Related Post = POMR

2. Push past HARD!
When your brain says back off, it is a REAL clue that growth is on […] Read more

What if You Treated Your Body Like Your Car?

What if You Treated Your Body Like Your Car?

A couple weeks ago I wrote about “What if we treated our bodies like Bank Accounts?” Now lets flip it and re-introduce you back (this is a repost for a couple years ago) about this analogy…

Most of us drive cars that run on “regular” octane fuel. We keep our eyes out for a deal on gas to save a few bucks, but at the end of the day, when you need it … you need it…. And you fuel up the tank so that you can get to work, the store, or the lake this weekend. If you drive a […] Read more

Do we Treat our Bodies like Bank Accounts???

Do we Treat our Bodies like Bank Accounts???

I have this concept that I am very passionate about, “True Wealth is Your Health”. But it’s more than a cliche to me.

What if you looked at FITness the same way you looked at your finances? 

Conceptually, any money metric you can think of (income, debt, interest, investments, deposit, credits, Profit and Loss statement, etc…) can be translated to a Health Metric (muscle mass, body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol, bone destiny, etc…).

My first example (of many more to come :-)…

Interest = Metabolism

Interest on your money from an investment standpoint is great! Money earning money and the power of compounding interest wins […] Read more

Stay Humble…

Stay Humble…

“Nothing worth it is easy. Nothing easy is worth it.”

This phase I have talked about often. It humbles me when things get challenging or I start something new that I suck at.

Please stop seeing being a beginner (or lack of results) as something negative. It’s actually quite an amazing thing, going through the effort to learn something new.

Honestly, I love being a beginner (constant student) and working with beginners. As a coach I embrace the challenge, and as a practitioner it helps me stay close to the learning process and connect with my clients.

So when I get comments like “maybe I […] Read more

The Un-Obvious Reasons Why…

The Un-Obvious Reasons Why…

We believe Fitness needs to be a HUGE part of your life (SHOCKER right 😉

There is a host of OBVIOUS reasons; which you all are familiar with,

Lose weight, improve blood chemistry, More energy, Increase Strength, Look better Naked, etc….

I want to talk to you about the “un-obvious” reasons. Reasons that when you read them makes those obvious reasons minimal and these ‘un-obvious’ reasons much more IMPACTFUL and FULFILLING.

1. The HIGHEST Energy Always WINS!!

In every area of life, (family, social setting, and especially business), the MORE fit, healthy and energized person is going to […] Read more

How To Stay Motivated ….

How To Stay Motivated ….

Why is it that at one point in our life we can have so much drive, desire, focus and at other points in our life we can be the laziest, most un-motivated, depressed person we know???

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, 
“Nothing great is ever accomplished in life without enthusiasm.” You have to have a passion to see something great happen. That’s why you need to nurture your enthusiasm if you want to change.

If you say, “Well, I kind of, sort of, maybe want to change” it isn’t going to happen. If you say, “Well, I’d like to change in my spare […] Read more

CPM Nutrition: Top 5 Skills

CPM Nutrition: Top 5 Skills

Our goal is to help you build a foundation for long term, sustainable health without gimmicks or quick-fixes. (Hopefully you’ve got that from my last few posts:-)

At CPMFITness we typically have 3 types of clients when it comes to nutrition…

Client A = They have no clue on what Healthy Nutrition looks like
Client B = The ‘Yo-Yo Dieter’
Client C = I know what to do… But I just can’t do it consistently.

No matter which client we are sitting in front of nothing matters unless they commit to creating and building “Self Discipline” and “Actionable Habits” to become consistent with your […] Read more

How Badly Do You Want It CPM’ers …

How Badly Do You Want It CPM’ers …

Some video’s just speak to me. They shake something loose inside of me and really wake me up; hitting me in the face like a ton of bricks.

What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want and go after your passion with full force?

People say they want to be successful, but are you willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen?

Successful people are in the place they are, because they are willing to do what the average person doesn’t want to do day in and day out!

My favorite line of this video is by a guy […] Read more

Accountability Hack: Flip the Script

Accountability Hack: Flip the Script

A great trick I’ve learned over the year is when I’m feeling “burned out” or starting to lack motivation with FITness and/or Nutrition is to…

“Flip the Script”

Most of us know what it takes to be successful with our Health and FITness. The problem is…we are human.

And so much of our success with our Health and FITness rides on what is going on with our lives, family, friends, work, and the normal everyday stresses that life will present you with. Motivation is all about the mental and emotional.

So when the workouts are becoming stale…
And when the PR’s aren’t happening…
When […] Read more

Invest In Your Health CPM ….

Invest In Your Health CPM ….

Ebeth and I coming at you CPM with another great listen on the Investment in Your Health.

We have the top 5 tips and tricks to live your best life yet!

Little changes can have a big impact later in your life.

Start putting in the work now on these daily habits to benefit from huge rewards later.

Today’s Workout Is…

A: 10 min E2MOM:
3 Power Snatch
3 OH Squats
(every 2-minutes complete all 6 reps)

B: For Time:
DB Snatch (each arm)
**after odds 100m OH Plate Carry (45/25)
**after evens 300m Run

Posted By: Annie

[…] Read more

CHECKPOINT! Lets Get some R&R…

CHECKPOINT! Lets Get some R&R…

“People need to be Reminded (Re-sold) more than they need to be told” ~ Me:-)

If we divided 2019 into 3 this would end the 1st Trimester of the year.  With that, lets STOP the world for a moment and check-in.

It is waay too easy to let the time fly by, the days pile up and you ‘wake up’ one day and go “Where did the last 5.5 years go?!?”

Here are 3 of the most important questions I like to ask myself, my wife, clients and those around me who I care about…

A. Why we got started?
B. What we are doing […] Read more

Your Worth is Greater than the Price ..



Stop looking at the price tag and start looking at the worth!

We spend the majority of our life worrying about what things cost and not finding the worth in the product (i.e ourselves,)

Totally commit to something and find the worth of it it’s freeing and liberating. You have no other distractions and you can go after the price instead of the price dominating you.

Stop telling yourself it’s costing to much and start making it worth it!

Here are the 3 things in life you can control at all times:

The 3 S’s 

Your  State, story and strategy ..

Your state is your state of […] Read more