Why This Group Fitness Thing Works

I’ve Always Liked the Buddy System

I believed in it, and oftentimes if I didn’t have someone to work out with I wouldn’t go to the gym. Having to meet a friend to work out with guaranteed that showed up when I said I would. This meant that I ate a good dinner the night prior and got some good sleep, because I knew that I would be workout out the next day.

In general, the buddy system meant I was a healthier guy out of the gym and that I pushed myself harder in the gym.

 Working Out In a Group Is […] Read more

Amateurs vs. Professionals

It doesn’t matter to me in what context we are referring to someone as a professional, I have grown to deeply respect professionalism.  For me, there is little practical application in being able to shoot a three pointer, cook a gourmet 5 course meal, or write a compelling, riveting book.  But just because I find little application for myself in these things does not mean that I don’t admire the professionals that achieve these feats seemingly effortlessly.

We all see the difference between an amateur and a professional.  But what lies behind the scenes?  How do the pros get so much […] Read more

Basic Nutrition Part 1, The Carbohydrate

I’ve been revisiting something I haven’t looked at in a while.  As well, a few folks have been asking me questions about nutrition.  Therefore, I thought it might be helpful if we went through a 3 part series together defining and talking about the basics of nutrition.  I like to keep things as simple possible.  I get confused or distracted easily, and I find beauty in simplicity pays major dividends in my ability to learn (or relearn) new things.  With this in mind, I’d like to use these three posts to cover the three macronutrients we humans need to exist. […] Read more

5 Happiness Tips to Add To Your Life

We all have lulls in our moods or our day. It is so easy to get caught up in our own pity party, but how are we going to snap ourselves out of this so we can feel better and not make the people around us miserable as well.

Here are five tricks that add happiness to your life and creates a better environment for you all around.

#1 Find an exercise that you enjoy – Exercise raises your endorphins and when it is enjoyable for you that is a double bonus. Do an activity outside to add even more happiness to your life. You […] Read more

Old YOU vs. Younger YOU…

I was listening to an interview with Pete Cashmore and the question was posed to him, “What advice would today’s ‘Pete Cashmore’ tell the before he started mashable.com ‘Pete Cashmore’ to help him with his success? 

He had a great response. I HIGHLY suggest you pick up the June issue of SUCCESS MAGAZINE and listen to the interview. 

I think we have all at one point in our lives asked ourselves, “If we could travel back in time and give some life advice to the younger version of ourselves, what would we say”???

I wrote a blog about it back in 2011, WHAT IF […] Read more

ThrowBack Thursday… Associations and Peers

My wife and I have been working out in the backyard lately. With a squat rack, some weights, a kettle bell, bands and the California sun we have everything we need. The more we are out in the backyard the more my little sister watches us. She becomes curious as to what is going on. She then gets off the couch from watching TV and wants to come outside and play. She see’s what we are doing and wants to join. It got me thinking if we weren’t there and there were no backyard workouts would she just sit and […] Read more

Every Time I Fail I…

Every Time I Fail I…

I haven’t failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work. -Thomas Edison, US inventor

I feel the common perception of failure is a bad thing.

All successful people fail. The more successful they are the more they fail. Most of them I bet would admit they have failed many more times then they have succeeded.

What do you do when you fail?

Stay down and give up? Try something else? Bounce back and be better?

It is easy to get caught up in our failures, setbacks and struggles but how is that going to improve your situation? It’s not!

The reason why the successful are successful […] Read more

Guidelines to a Good Challenge

Guidelines to a Good Challenge

I am all about embarking on challenges personally and coaching others. My number #1 goal as a FITness/Success coach is to get someone to do and achieve more than they ever thought they could mentally just as much as physically. Challenges work for all types of people…

The person who has just not got it going and can’t seem to get themselves off the couch and in the game.

The person that is consistently working but has fallen into a plateau and is resulting in a mediocre mindset and mediocre actions. 

The person that is always on the hunt for more. The person […] Read more

Consistency is the KING of All Success

Consistency is the KING of All Success

One of my favorite quotes, “Consistent daily action builds extraordinary outcomes.”

Consistency is the KING of all principles if you are wanting to be successful in anything you do.

I’ve posted about this story on other blogs in the past but I came across it again recently and had to post, as it is a great reminder.

A young comic asked Jerry Seinfeld if he had any tips for him starting out as a comic.

What he told that young comic would benefit him for a lifetime.

I’ll pass it onto you now, as I know it will benefit you too–for a lifetime. Seinfeld told […] Read more

3 Success Ingredients…

I listened to one of my favorite mentors this week, Grant Cardone and he said something that really resonated with me. The topic was, “How To Get What You Want“, he discussed 3 very simple (but not easy) steps you must do and you can get what you want.   


Obscurity: In sales and business when others are thinking about you for your product/service you are putting yourself in a position to win and close the deal. For your life, health, marriage/relationship if you are constantly thinking about and aware of them you are putting yourself in a position to win […] Read more

Be the Be…

I heard this term quite a few years ago (2005 to be exact) at a personal development seminar. I was hearing what they were saying but I wasn’t ready listen to what they were saying until recently, then it HIT ME!

The term, “Be the Be”, refers to what type of person you need to become (on the inside) to actually get to where you want to go (on the outside).

I wrote a post almost 2 years ago, ACT AS IF, discussing you have to act like the future successful person you are trying to become.

If your goal is to become […] Read more

What To Do When You are Frustrated with YOU?

Yoga is much more than stretching.

We all have good days an bad days. The trick to moving ahead in life is not to just string more of the good days together it is what we do with the bad days.

Mistakes, failures and set backs are all a necessary part of the process for growth. The hard part is they all suck and hurt. It is not fun to miss, make mistakes, swallow our pride…

Mistakes and setbacks are tests for us to see what we are made of. But sometimes we get in a rut and it’s really hard to crawl […] Read more

Perspective on Time

Spending time with friends is great time spent. 

Imagine there is a bank account that credits your account each morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day.

What would you do?

Draw out every cent, of course?

Each of us has such a bank. Its name is time. Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no over […] Read more

Failure Fixes…

Failure Fixes…

my accountability partner…

Sometimes it is just as important to know what NOT to do versus what to do. As we have just crossed the mark on the first complete month of 2013 lets take a look at what others struggle with so that you can change what you are doing to stay on track to achievement. 

I have been a FITness coach for over 11 years and have noticed quite a few things that will NOT lead to someones success with their FITness results. 

Uninspiring Goals
When most people set goals, they envision a “thing,” such as a particular amount of weight (loss […] Read more

Trade Off’s… You Have to Give Up to Grow Up

Eric Hoffer said, “People will cling to an unsatisfactory way of life, rather then change in order to get something better for fear of getting something worse.”

What will it take for you to get to the next level?

Vision. Yes.
Hard work. Of course!
Personal Growth. Definitely.

How about letting go of some of the things that you love and value most? Yes, and believe it or not this is the question that often holds people back even those who have achieved some level of success.

When you are first starting out in your career it is not much to give up. Why? Because your […] Read more

The 22%…

Is Rambo Cold or Upgrading His Attire?

78% of all New Year’s resolutions (i.e. wanna be goals) fail and most people quit their goals after the 3rd week in January. 

Why is this?

I feel most people think that if they simply write something down for some reason it will ‘magically’ happen. And if you don’t think it will ‘magically’ happen they sure act like it will because they simply do not do what it takes to achieve the goals they wrote down. 

This post is intended to lead, teach and inspire you to be the 22% that not only achieves their goals this […] Read more

Pre Planning

Pre-Planning is one of the greatest habits to attain to accomplish your goals and dreams. It is one of the simplest things you can do that most people don’t. Why?

Bookend Your Day: Why a Man Needs a Morning and Evening Routine
Darren Hardy, editor-in-chief of Success Magazine and author of The Compound Effect argues that a person’s morning and evening routines are the “bookends” of a successful life. Why is this?
Imagine a string with a series of beads on it. The beads represent your goals, relationships, and priorities. Tip the string this way or that way, and the beads easily slide off and onto the floor. […] Read more

Getting To Know You…

Reflecting, Refocusing, Recharging…

What is the definition of insanity again?Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein When I see people want the same goals year after year and never succeed at them but continue to say and do the same things over and over again with the same no results… Are they insane?One of my favorite all time quotes that continues to blow my mind is:“If you want to have more, you have to become more. Success is not something you pursue. What you pursue will elude you; it can be like trying […] Read more

Focus on the Focus

I often use this saying when I am coaching my FITness classes during a rigorous workout.


We can focus on many things or a few things. We can focus on bad or negative things. Or we can focus on great things we are going to do or who we are going to become. The choice is completely up to you. But which direction you decide will lead you down the path your life will take.

The ability to manage your focus is one of your greatest powers. What you put your attention on determines what you accomplish, how you feel, […] Read more