Challenge Take-a-Ways

Challenge Take-a-Ways

For 144 of us the Whole Life Challenge is over! We experienced up’s, down’s, setbacks, successes, curveballs, twists and turns. Kind of like life:) With anything that you invest a ton of time, energy and emotion into it is always good to do a professional recap. Here is mine…

What I did after the challenge and what I suggest you do…

A. Go through all your reflections and  comments and find your Top 5 Take-a-Ways (mine below)
B. Complete all your scores, self assessment, measurements, weight, before and after pics. (Data can be a game-changer for future results and motivation).
C. Think about what is next for you… Rowing Challenge. Next WLC in January perhaps;-)

mrCPM’s Top 5 Take-a-Ways

1. “Your day is your life.”
This simple phrase really shifted my thinking. One of the best things I think the WLC provided was the force to remain consistent. In an age of instant gratification and wanting results immediately this was a refreshing perspective. You are a collection of your days. You life will improve when you improve what you do daily and over time. Not a 4 week challenge. The starting off great and stopping all together is a recipe for frustration, disaster and leads you to believe in false expectations. If it’s important enough it needs to be done daily:)

2. Words… They are Powerful
*Cheat vs. Choices
*Positive talk vs. Complaining and Venting
*It’s about you and then it’s not

We can train our mental FITness and emotional FITness (conceptually) the same way we can train our physcial FITness. With enough reps, time and consistency we get what we build, with the opposite being true. Our brains will believe whatever will tell it enough of. If you think you are FAT, then you will believe it. If you think you are great, then you will believe it. Watch your words and even more so watch your thoughts. And even More MORE watch what you say to others. I am not a fan of you being negative to yourself; however I EVEN MORE NOT A FAN OF you infecting others with your negative feelings. When you complain, talk down about yourself, vent, etc… stop it for the affect it does for others around you; even if you don’t care enough about yourself. #please #thanks

3. Planning Ahead for the Win… Always
Meal prep; Budgeting your diet; The further out you plan your meals and workouts the easier you life will be.

One of the key ingredients for Great Leadership is the ability to PREDICT and anticipate the future. You are the leader of your life. The further out you plan, predict and tell yourself what to do; the more success you will receive in your life. How many times did you see a great reflection that started with a positive note about meal prep? We don’t plan to fail; We fail to plan.

4. There is no finish line in FITness. 
Life doesn’t stop. Challenges will come and go. There was a ton of hype and excitement for the challenge to end. I get that, but I want to ask you… Why are you so eager for it to end? Are you going back to your old ways? Is it just the logging of the points? Why did you do the challenge anyway? I think we can all agree that accountability is really great and can be really challenging. I hope you all gained something(s) positives that you will take with you… If so, then you win! If not, then you didn’t. Because time will keep ticking and you deserve the best out of your body so take care of it.

5. Definition(s) of Simple NOT Easy and Learning. 
Simple Not Easy = Something is very simple when you accept how difficult it is.
Learning = Knowledge is information only. Learning is you acting upon the knowledge received. You haven’t really learned anything until you act on it.

Human beings by nature will always choose the path of least resistance. It’s is easy to want to be better it’s another story to actually achieve it. Having a humble mindset combined with a whatever it takes attitude will get the job done. These 2 definitions have helped me a ton in my life. Now hopefully yours as well.

Questions to ask yourself??

What went well for me?
What did not work for me?
What are the top categories that I will continue to keep now that the challenge is over?

Feel free to answer everything in the comments or bring them to me to share.

The O-Board Says…

2 Rounds for Reps:

AMRAP 3min
20 Box Jumps Overs
MAX Wall Walks

AMRAP 4min
30 Box Jumps
MAX Dips (box/rings)

AMRAP 5min
40 Weighted Step Up’s
MAX KB Swings

*Rest 2min between rounds*

Post by Chris; @cmoknows