Change YOUR Word(s) = “I Don’t Have Time”

Change YOUR Word(s) = “I Don’t Have Time”

Each week, we are all entrusted with an irreplaceable fund of hours…168, to be exact. How you spend these hours is entirely up to you. You can putter around, watching hours and hours of Law & Order reruns. Or you can set about to change your community, or maybe even the entire world.

It just depends on how you choose to spend your fund of hours.

But to say that you don’t have time? Well, that’s garbage. You do have time—you have 168 hours.

A few years ago, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal that suggested we replace the phrase, “I don’t have time” with “It’s not a priority.” Instead of saying, “I don’t exercise because I don’t have time,” try saying, “I don’t exercise because it’s not a priority.” So, “I eat at fast food joints because I don’t have time to cook healthy meals,” becomes, “I eat at fast food joints because cooking healthy meals isn’t a priority.”

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Try it! When you feel the urge to use the phrase, “I don’t have time“, change your words with… “It’s not a priority” and see what happens. You will begin to realize the truth about you, others and where you are going.

By the way… Are you using the “I-don’t-have-time-right-now-excuse” to postpone signing up for the Whole Life Challenge? Listen, I already know your health and well-being is important to you. (You wouldn’t be apart of CPMFITness or even reading this blog if it didn’t).

It will take you five minutes to register to become a Whole Life Challenge and join our CPMFITness team. #justDoIt

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The O-Board Says…

A: For Time:
Run 500m
Run 400m
Run 300m
Run 200m
Run 100m
*Rest 1min btw rds*

B: AMRAP 10min
7 Snatch
14 KB Pushups
21 Double Unders

Post by Chris; @cmoknows