Check YOUR Engine Light…

4 HIGH Performance Women after a 10k

A great way to explain how health and nutrition works for someone who is not ‘getting it’, or to help put things in proper perspective is to make an analogy.

Do you treat your body like you treat your car???

Think about it?

When you were a teenager (or if you are) your body is no different than a brand new car. You could slam on the brakes, drive fast, not have to change the oil exactly at 3k miles and you could get away with it. But as you age, it’s no different than your car aging, and you can’t get a way with the bad things you ‘used’ to be able to get a way with.

So how do you treat you body?

Most of us UNDER FUEL + BEAT-UP + DESTROY it completely without even really thinking about it.

When you put a lot of miles on your car, its no different then the stress we put on our bodies when we workout HARD (i.e. CrossFit). This stress is a good thing as long as you are taking car of yourself in 3 areas.


FUEL: Are you eating properly; especially before your workout? You cannot expect to feel 100% if you are under-nourished.  You will feel weak, dizzy and eventually not be able to finish your WODs.  You must eat PRE and POST WOD.  If you have questions regarding what you should eat, talk to one of your coaches.  If you are not feeling good during your WODs, there are variety of  factors that can be adjusted, but my suggestion would be to examine your FUEL first.
KEEP YOUR FORM TIGHT: As a teenager, my desire to drive fast and chat with friends left the body of my vehicle destroyed. I was so distracted, that I hit everything in sight.  Are you sacrificing form in lifts and movements in order to move faster?  With intensity comes a slight depreciation of form, but if this is happening more than 20% of the time, you WILL destroy your body.  Slow down, stop “side-swiping” every parked car and snow bank in sight.
DON’T OVERTRAIN: You can compare your recovery to changing your oil.  Without this, you will “sizzle your engine”, so to speak.  Your rest days are more important than your training days.  Without them, you will physically and mentally breakdown.
So, the responsibility is on you to fuel, maintain form, and recovery so that you can keep your “Mustang” shiny and new!

Train Smart.