Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas Stresses Me Out!

There is so much to do this time of year. I want the holiday season to be an amazing experience for the whole family. “Let’s bake and decorate cookies tonight!” Yeah, that sounds like a good idea for the first 15 minutes. “And let’s post all of our amazing family pics to Facebook so we can make our friends feel bad about themselves!” Sorry, I probably shouldn’t write that but have you noticed how some people seem to have lots of time to decorate, bake, do their hair and make-up AND they have their Christmas shopping done by December 1st?? Come on people, we know you have the same problems as the rest of us!

So this Christmas stress thing…. how do I fix this? Here’s what I’m trying to do:

  1. Online Shopping – This has come in handy for a few of my purchases.
  2. Sleep – Necessary. Otherwise I will eat every single chocolate covered peanut butter ball in my house in 60 seconds flat. Lack of sleep makes me want to EAT!
  3. Exercise – Gotta get it in so I can get into my pants.
  4. Patience – Because shopping with family members requires patience.
  5. Scheduling – From Christmas concerts to basketball games to work, I need to keep a tight calendar.
  6. Easy Presents – Some people are so hard to buy for. It drives me insane. I’m not going to overthink their gifts. Gift card, gift card, gift card 😉
  7. Take it easy on the Christmas treats – Probably the most difficult. I like Christmas goodies and Christmas goodies like me…. we are besties!

Am I alone on this? Are you stressed? Best of luck to all of you as you try to shop, exercise, work, attend events, spend time with family and stay sane! Only 10 days to go. We can do this!!


The Oboard Says…
6 Rounds of 3min
10 Box Jumps
10 Shoulder to Overhead
*Rest 1min btw Rounds*
Posted by: Emily