Here Come The Kids and There Goes The Sugar!

Here Come The Kids and There Goes The Sugar!

CPMFIT Family Workout

We will be kicking off our CPMFIT Kids program with a CPM Family workout on Saturday, June 11th at 9:30 am! If your kids are curious about CPM but not convinced, this is a great opportunity for them to try out a class with you.

Spouses, kids and special friends are all welcome. Cost is $5 per family member. CPM members can use a class from their membership OR they can choose to pay the $5 and get to the gym for an extra class that week.

We need you to create a user account for each member of your family attending the workout and complete the Parent/Guardian Waiver for the kiddos. Here is a LINK to our website to get you started. Then sign yourself and your family members in for the CPM FIT Family class at 9:30 am.

CPMFIT Kids Coming This Summer!

Our kids class is full and we have a great group of kids coming to the gym this summer! Not only will they get a great workout but, during our 6 week program, they will learn Olympic lifts, gymnastics and bodyweight movements. Classes start June 13th and run through the end of July.

Here I Go Again!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I had a wonderful time at the lake with my family. Steve and I didn’t do Murph as we had originally planned but I did manage to hit the trail twice for a run. Workouts done… check!

Eating good…. no check! I wish I could say my eating was super clean this past weekend but it wasn’t. It’s not that we had a ton of treats around but it was more than enough. Banana bread, cookies, ice cream and, of course, breves from our favorite coffee shop in Milbank. Weekends away are TOUGH! By Monday, I’m telling myself that I will never eat sugar or snack obsessively again. This is a fairly typical Monday for me. Bad weekend = starting my clean eating on Monday. Just ask Marin, we discuss this EVERY SINGLE MONDAY!

So I haven’t snacked for the last few nights and guess what… I’m hungry in the morning! I’ve been drinking my bulletproof coffee for breakfast and haven’t felt like having an egg with it. Well now that I’ve quit snacking, I’m hungry again. This is a good thing. I always do better in workouts, eating, etc when I start my day with a healthy breakfast. So what have I done to stop the snacking? I’ve allowed myself a little dark chocolate immediately after dinner (don’t want to go crazy and completely cut out the chocolate!) but then I brush my teeth. That’s it. I take my time when I brush my teeth, probably about 3 minutes, so I do not want to repeat that process if I don’t have to. Easy enough. Now if I can only maintain it. The hubby is on board and that always helps. In fact, he eats better than I do. But, if you’ve seen him, that probably comes as no surprise.

I have quite a few friends who are eating clean this June. Please keep me posted on your progress. Just remember, we all have our addictions. Nobody is perfect. One small change made and maintained this month can have a huge impact on your health. Good luck everyone!


The Oboard Says..
5 Rounds for Total Time
10 burpee pullup
20 DB Row
30 situps
40 lunge
*rest 2 minutes after each round

Posted by: Emily