Competition Rundown

Competition Rundown

Hallow Hopper

This past weekend several of us from CPM traveled to Omaha for a Saturday competition at a super cool gym called Fit Farm. Court and Lisa were participating in the women’s RX division, Reed and Cory in the men’s RX division and Steve and Dave in the men’s scaled division.

I’ll start by saying that I’ve never been so happy to be watching a competition in my life. It was called the Hallow Hopper because they were pulling the workout options out of a hopper to decide the events. This caused a lot of repeats in movements like squatting and cleans.

First workout consisted of rowing and burpee box jump overs. It was a burner for sure and all athletes finished by falling on the floor. Reed and Cory were the tallest men’s team by at least 6 inches and it definitely shows up in burpee speed. I would even say Court and Lisa fell into that group. Short girls have got a burpee advantage and a 200m row before the burpees wasn’t enough to make a difference.

Second workout was thrusters and chest to bar pull-ups. I probably wouldn’t have finished the first round of this one. Thruster weight was 115/75… that’s not light and C2B…. UGH! Our teams did really well at this one. Steve and Dave got to do ring rows instead of pull-ups which ended up being the most underestimated movement of the day for them. There was no “kipping” allowed on the ring row. Yeah, it sounds funny but think about it. As your arms burn out, you’ve got nothing left and the ring rows get killer hard.

Third workout was deadlift hold and kettlebell swings followed by max clean + hang clean. If you think about this one, it’s all grip. Our athletes, other than Dave, aren’t used to the American swing but they did really well at it. I was a little disappointed with the judging on this one as Lisa was getting no-repped when her swing was so close while the girl next to her wasn’t even close to having her bell bottom pointed up but received zero no reps. Cleans after the swings and deadlift hold were interesting. There was a lot of struggles with the hang clean as the grip was completely shot.

Last workout sounded absolutely horrible but turned out to be probably the best one for our group. 15 deadlifts, 15 hang cleans, 15 front squats, 15 overhead presses, 15 back squats over and over and over. Weight was 135/95 (that’s right ladies, 15 overheaded presses in a row!) Every time you break, you tag your partner at the rope where they perform a rope climb then start to work on reps. I was yelling at Lisa on this one and you can see on film she wasn’t having it. In my defense, she did ask me to yell at her. Watching the teams on this one, I thought our 3 teams did the best. They were cycling through those barbell movements like it was no big deal.

Overall, a great weekend with great friends. I can’t wait to watch all of them again… and yes, I do mean watch! Congrats guys!!

~Mother Plucker

Teams of 2: AMRAP 25
10 Bench Press (135/95)
2 Rope Climbs or 20 Pull-Ups
30 Wall Balls
200m Run (together)